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(August 1, 2008)

Suggest some yoga techniques as I have a urology problem?

Yoga is highly beneficial in the urological problems. A special yoga technique called hatha yoga is specially designed for the same. Urological disorders are chronic in nature and hence they should be provided with an instant treatment for the same. They are generally associated with providing relief to muscles of lower back and shoulders as urological issues cause intense pain on these organs.

Several urological troubles are also caused due to malfunctioning of pelvis. It may be either hypertonic or hypotonic. Hypotonicity can be cured with the help of asanas which help to provide strength to various organs of our body especially the pelvic region. It provides support and exercise to the muscles of the body and also brings general awareness in the human so that they can diagnose the condition and try to correct them themselves.

Pelvic floor is connected to the lower back and the joints and hence yoga exercises for lower back also work wonders in the treatment of the urology problem. It helps to provide alignment between the muscles and the bones and curbs the need of medical treatment for the same.

Hatha yoga has great effect on the mind and body and is one of the most ancient types of yoga. Chronic disorders are little difficult to diagnose but still these methods of yoga can provide best remedy without the exact detection of the disease too. It provides relief from the pain and is greatly beneficial to the patients suffering from variety of urological disorders.

Some of the urological disorders which can be best treated with yoga are orchitis, prostatodynia and intestinal cysts. It helps to provide relief from intense pain due to ulcers in the intestine and also chronic epididymitis. Yoga exercises meant for back pain like stretching exercises by stretching the legs and pulling them in the front while lying on the ground helps to provide relief from the acute pain caused due to the urological disorders. Because of the diversion of the world towards the areas of yoga and meditation, people all across the globe are enjoying the benefits of yoga for a wide variety of chronic disorders. Yoga has also shown great results in the areas of urology.

Practicing yoga on a regular basis helps in the treatment of several diseases concerned with private organs and one can take up these exercises on one's own without any medications or prescriptions from medical practitioner. But learning yoga under professional guidance before adapting is highly appreciated.

Submitted by R J on August 1, 2008 at 08:17

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