High blood sugar and Yoga

(September 12, 2010)

I am a 42 years old diabetic woman. Could you tell me yoga exercise to reduce my blood suger and high BP

Studies have indicated that after taking the prescribed medication, along with a proper, nutritious diet and using yoga as a complementary therapy program, one can reverse the effects that diabetes leaves patients with. Some of the most pertinent and useful; yoga for blood sugar poses include positions like the cobra pose, the half moon position, the camel position and the position of the locust. These set of positions have been found to stimulate a person’s pancreas while at the same time it exercises the posterior abdominal wall that helps the diabetics to control this particular condition in the long run. Yoga for blood sugar diabetes control is also extremely instrumental for good health in mind and body. Those who practice the yoga asanas do find that the harmful side effects of mental and physical strain get reduced. Also these yoga asanas are a great way to practice meditation and relaxation techniques. Yoga for blood sugar is also beneficial in controlling BP. For these benefits the sun salutation pose id considered to be very useful. This sun salutation exercise also called as the Surya Namaskar and has a range or combination of different asanas which help in the stimulation of the person’s internal system and also helps to enhance the blood supply to all the different parts of one’s body.
By following the yoga for blood sugar asanas one is also able to normalize the administration and production of insulin. This sun salutation exercise needs to be performed at least 4 to 5 times in the morning time preferably on an empty stomach without any food being consumed. Thus yoga for blood sugar rate modulation is a fairly common practice and is now gaining popularity world wide. The different kinds of stretching that one does as part of the sun salutation yoga positions increases the stretching of the person’s endocrinal glands and also has a positive influence on the secretions that come from the pancreas. Thus these poses stimulate the pancreas and thus increase the tendency to bring one’s blood sugar levels back to normal. These yoga poses are best done in the early hours of the morning or even in the early evening hours. They should also preferably be done when the stomach is not too full after eating. But for those who suffer from diabetes, eating a healthy small snack prior to doing the exercise is recommended by most experts.

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Yoga Asanas for High Blood Sugar 

In most cases required medication and a complementing yoga therapy and a proper diet has reversed the effects of diabetes in many patients.  Some helpful yoga poses such as the half moon pose, the cobra pose, the pose of the locust, and camel pose are known to stimulate the pancreas while exercising the posterior abdominal wall which can help diabetics in the long run in controlling the condition. It is not possible to cure diabetes with the help of yoga, but it can help to transition changes in lifestyle to improve the lifelong condition and keep it under control.  Yoga is extremely instrumental in maintaining good health and a fine balance between body and mind.

Yoga asanas along with relaxation and meditation techniques greatly brings down the effects of BP.  In addition, the exercises and poses in yoga bring down the harmful consequences of physical and mental strain.  To control high BP and diabetes, sun salutation is an extremely useful exercise.  This particular exercise is a combination of various asanas that stimulates the internal system and enhance of the supply of blood to the various parts inside the body.  Moreover, the production and administration of insulin is also normalized with the daily practice and performance of this particular exercise.  Sun salutation has to be performed at least five times in the morning, on an empty stomach preferably without any meals. The numerous forms of stretching in sun salutation improve endocrinal glands and influence the secretion of the pancreas by rejuvenating the internal organ.  Due to the simulation of the pancreas, with the help of sun salutation, there is a tendency to the blood sugar to return to normal.  Sun salutation can be best performed only in the mornings or early evening, especially at the time when the stomach is not too full with meals.  For those individuals suffering from diabetes, a small healthy snack can be had after performing all the exercises in yoga.

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