Yoga for blood pressure

(June 24, 2008)

Which type of yoga asanas should avoid by BP patient of age 40-50. BP level

Blood Pressure with Yoga Poses

Yoga is one of the ideal forms of exercises for those suffering from hypertension or high BP. In addition to altering the lifestyle and managing the diet, patients who are hypersensitive can greatly benefit from the holistic advantages of yoga.  Under any circumstance, always remember to consult your doctor or medical practitioner before embarking on a yoga session, especially if with a history of hypertension.  Another note of caution is never to treat hypertension solely with yoga.

To understand the condition more carefully, you must realize that BP which has been constantly elevated is known as hypertension.  There are a number of factors that influence the level of BP in the body.  Mental stress and physical strain plays very important roles in determining the levels of BP.  Hence, you need to constantly be on your guard to check on your daily activities that may be an influence on your BP.  Moreover it is also important to know that BP is highly dependent on the mental activity of an individual.  In order to ease mental stress and strain, breathing techniques as well as meditation can greatly bring down the levels of high BP.  Yoga therapy is known to bring about a perfect balance between the body and mind.  Not only does it promote overall health of an individual it can also work as a preventive and curative therapy.  Yoga perfectly complements medication as an alternative therapy by treating the patient holistically, rather than stemming the symptoms of the condition.

In addition to exercise, a simple and nutritious diet can walk wonders in lowering high BP. Meditation techniques like Sakshibhavana, Bhavana Vimochana can help purge strong emotions such as fear anger and anxiety.  Daily meditation can play a very important role in developing a positive and optimistic approach to life.

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