Surgery and Yoga

(November 10, 2010)

Can i start yoga after varicocele sugery which is take place 4 months ago?

Despite the fact that yoga has been around for centuries, it is only in the last few decades that the discipline has become popular in the western world, often being used in addition to modern medicine while a few even consider it to be more effective. Because of the complexities of yoga, it is important for beginners to start with some of the most basic routines in order to build up their body’s ability to accomplish the more complicated of routines. One of the main advantages of yoga is the fact that, under normal circumstances, we only utilize a certain number of muscle groups in the human body and, as we continue to age, it is the under utilized and under developed sets of muscles in the body that actually cause a lot of the pain and discomfort. As a result, yoga helps develop these often unused muscle groups and ensure that they do not degenerate easily later on. Because of the fact that yoga requires the individual to perform a number of athletic moves, it is not advisable to try yoga after surgery. However, this is a very subjective topic as a lot will depend on the type of surgery as well as area it was performed on in addition to the kind of yogic poses that you plan to practice.
Even if you are able to or advised to practice yoga after surgery, this does not mean that you can resume normal practice. The practice of yoga after surgery would only include specific poses or modified ones, while many others have to be avoided completely. If you are discussing yoga after abdominal surgery or heart surgery, then you should make it a point to practice nothing more than mild breathing exercises or mild physical exercises that do not put any stress on the heart or abdominal area. Yoga exercises such as anulom-vilom that require you to inhale through one nostril and breathe out through the other will help increase oxygen flow to your heart.
Because of the complexities of some yoga moves, ashtanga yoga resultant back injury is a very common situation. A lot of people consider this asana to be one of their most preferred because of the fact that it works on the mind as well as physical aspects of the body simultaneously.  The poses used in this discipline help increase the heart rate and work the muscles rather intensely. Initially working with a qualified instructor to learn the techniques in order to avoid ashtanga yoga back injury is a must. Yoga after knee surgery is again dependent on the kind of injury as well as the amount of time you have allowed for it to recover. The bikram yoga is considered to be one of the most effective exercises after surgery and will help develop the muscles around the weak knee.

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The ancient practice of yoga has been used for a long time, not just in improving a person’s health, but also in recovering from health problems, diseases, accidents and surgeries. There are several doctors and health experts, who believe in the concept of post surgery yoga, as a form of physiotherapy, for alleviating stress after a surgery. Post surgery yoga for recovery includes various meditation techniques and postures that can help to allay several health concerns. This is why post surgery yoga has now been introduced by several health institutions and is considered an integral part of post operative treatments. Paranayama which includes several forms of breathing techniques can help improve the circulation of blood to different organs in the body. Yoga also includes meditation techniques and poses that can keep the body relaxed and the mind remains free of stress. Because of these factors, Yoga can aid in faster recovery, by creating a stable, positive and healthy environment in the body. Therefore, it is not uncommon to see doctors recommend post surgery yoga for hysterectomy and post surgery yoga for back problems. Yoga has therefore come to play a vital role in recuperative treatment and post surgery yoga is as widely used if not more than Pilates.

There have been several cases of post operative healing getting delayed or hampered by mental stress or distress. Recent studies have indicated that when yoga is used as a form of psychotherapeutic treatment, it can develop efficiency in the body, stabilize cardio respiratory attributes, reinforce the level of immunity, enhance endocrine and nervous functions, compose the mind and balance mental states. The use of certain stretching, meditative and breathing techniques have helped several post operative patients for faster recovery.

However, never practice yoga after varicolcele surgery, without first consulting your doctor or surgeon. The amount of time that most people need to wait for, after a surgery, is not more than a couple of months. However, this time frame may vary from one individual to the next. Therefore, it is best to undergo a thorough check up, before you take such a step. There are several factors, which need to be taken into account, in order to determine if you can start yoga after varicocele surgery or not. Your age, level of physical fitness as well as your medical history will all be considered before recommending yoga exercises that are suitable for you. The amount of time that you need to wait before starting yoga exercises also depend on such factors. In all probability, your doctor will be able to recommend exercises that are not too taxing, but can help you recover faster.

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Surgery and Yoga 

Some doctors are of the belief that Yoga is a form of psychotherapy that can be used to alleviate stress especially during post surgery. The meditative techniques involved in yogasanas play an important role in allaying numerous health concerns. You must consult your doctor before you start on yoga therapy after your surgery. In most cases, yoga is considered as a post operative treatment since the sessions of breathing exercises also known as Pranayama, in addition to yoga positions, relaxation and meditation are extremely useful in bringing about a stable environment in the body.

According to recent studies, yoga when used as a form of psychotherapeutic treatment helps to bring about development of body efficiency, normalcy in cardio respiratory attributes, reinforced immunity levels, enhanced nervous and endocrine functions, balanced mental states and a composed mind to battle tension. It is a well known fact that distress and mental stress levels, post operations or surgeries, delay healing period. In a study that involved the use of Yoga among post operative patients, it was revealed that certain breathing, stretching and meditative techniques helped to hasten the levels of recovery. Your doctor may most probably recommended light forms of exercises for you to recuperate faster.

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