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(September 3, 2010)

Why yoga

The purpose of yoga is to unite the mind, body, and soul. Yoga increases the awareness of the body’s movements and postures enabling you to relax even in trying circumstances. There are a number of reasons why yoga should be practiced regularly. Yoga involves all the different muscles in your body to hold the different yoga asanas. This is why yoga helps in keeping the body strong. The yoga breathing exercises improve the flexibility of the body. The milder forms of yoga help in lowering the blood pressure and keeping the blood flow even throughout the body.  Yoga also benefits in reducing stress and anxiety and improving mental health, which is why yoga is being practiced more and more in these days of stressful living.
You must remember that yoga exercises and basic yoga positions are not the same. There is no physical motion in the practice of yoga positions but yoga exercises require different movements to be performed. Yoga exercises require a determined effort and regular practice to complete all the yoga asanas. The reward for your hard work will definitely be worth it.
Surya namaskar, also called the sun salutation, is the basic yoga exercise. It is important that you begin with some warm-up exercises like spot jogging, neck exercises, shoulder rolls, and knee rolls. Surya namaskar is considered the most effective exercise for the body. There are thirteen dynamic motions present in a sequence which are done in quick movements, simultaneously with measured breathing. It is also an excellent way to burn calories and reduce weight.
Yoga positions form an important part of yoga and regular practice will help you achieve harmony and balance. During the beginning stages of performing the yoga positions you can hold the position for three breaths. If you feel comfortable with a position you can hold it for longer but if not, you should stop immediately. To practice breathing exercises and mediation techniques the seated positions will be useful. Seated positions help with the improvement of your posture. Standing positions are usually used for warming up or starting with other positions. Practicing in the standing position helps in strengthening your legs and improving your sense of balance.
Among the manifold benefits of yoga, weight loss is another widely sought after benefit of yoga. This is another reason why yoga is gaining popularity with obesity on the rise. To lose weight with yoga you must focus on yoga positions that increase the metabolic rate, thereby burning calories. Weight loss through yoga also emphasizes the importance of changing your mindset to a positive direction. It is necessary that you convince yourself that your efforts will be successful. Ashtanga yoga and Bikram yoga are the two main techniques that can be employed in trying to lose weight through yoga.
Understanding the benefits of yoga will encourage you to start practicing it or continue it with renewed vigor. It will allow you to function more efficiently in your daily activities and prevent stress and anxiety from overwhelming you.

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The benefits of Yoga are myriad and you will never tire of them. However, they are to be experienced to be really appreciated. I suggest you visit the following links for the exact benefits of Yoga listed out there.

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