Walking With Weights

By Patricia | August 2, 2010
Weight Walking

Walking with weights is a new trend for walkers who are trying to tone their body and lose weight. There are many ways that you can lift weights while walking. Walking dumbbells for instance are the easiest way to walk with weights. As you walk, you clutch on to these dumbbells so that you increase the total effort for your walking.


When you increase the weight that you carry while walking, your body tends to lose more calories. This is the simple calculation behind walking with weights. Since this is one of the easiest and most comfortable ways to lose weight, many companies have come forward with different ideas for carrying weights while walking. Apart from walking with hand weights like walking dumbbells, you can also use ankle weights that are tied straight to your ankles so that your effort is increased every time you lift your feet to walk.

Walking With Hand Weight

However, walking with weights is not something that everyone should do. Ideally, walking with weights should be first performed with a trainer so that you can find out the correct way of walking when you have walking dumbbells, running weights or weighted vests. If you do not follow the proper method of walking when you are carrying weights, there is a high likelihood that you may end up injuring yourself and losing only a fraction of weight more even after putting in so much of effort.

Walking With Weight Vest

Walking with a weight vest or walking dumbbells and ankle weights can tire you out more easily and throw your natural walking movement askew, causing unnecessary strain on the muscles. This can also weaken or misalign the tendons and ligaments, creating potential for injuries. When you are gripping hand weights very tightly, it is also likely to cause an increase in blood pressure.

The proper way to burn off calories while holding hand weights is to swing your arms while walking. Though this can sometimes throw you off stride, it would also increase heart rate to an optimum level, helping you burn more calories. Ideally, in the initial few days, you should not walk with weights for more than ten minutes. This will help you relax more.

Ankle weights inhibit the movements of the legs more. It is best to not use ankle weights if you suffer from arthritis or any other problems in your joints. Those who have suffered injuries in their legs or ankles should also refrain from using ankle weights.

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