Yoga After Sport Injury – One Great Way To Get Back In Shape

By Patricia | January 22, 2009
Yoga To Recover From A Sports-Injury

Sports injuries can really hamper an athlete’s life. It can end careers and bring down the most notable and famous sports personalities. These injuries can happen in a wide variety of sports. The cause of such injuries is due to over exertion and stress of a particular muscle and joint. In some cases injuries may be sustained due to collisions or falls.

Such injuries usually result in fractures, bruises, muscle sores and head injuries. In some high profile racing events, injuries can even be fatal. Hence it is very important to curb such injuries or incidents for an athlete.

Yoga is one great way to help the body recover from sports injuries, which occur on a more common and everyday level while playing a sport or physical training. I shall discuss some of the most common sports injuries and the solution, which Yoga offers.

One of the most common sports injuries is a pulled hamstring. Many sports activities require an athletic body, particularly strong legs as there is a lot of running and moving around in most sports. Sometimes due to excessive running or stretching, your leg muscles experience a pain in the hamstrings. Yoga Asanas (poses) help in healing a pulled hamstring. One of the Yoga poses, which you can practice, is the Supine Leg Stretch. Firstly place a mat on the floor and lie down on your back. Now pull your knee towards the chest as far as possible. Concentrate on pulling your hamstring. Hold and maintain a count for 30 seconds. Now repeat the same exercises for the left leg.

Another really useful position for sports injuries is the locust pose, which is fairly simple: Start by lying on your stomach. Position your feet hip-width apart and point your toes downwards. Stretch the arms straight in front of you. Make sure the shoulders are parallel and in a straight position. Now press your buttocks towards the floor. Take a deep breath and inhale. Now slowly raise your body while you stretch your arms in front. Also lift your legs backward and stretch your body to the maximum limit. It’s very important not to lift the pelvic region, while you practice this pose. Maintain a count for 30 seconds and repeat this exercise three times.

Now let me point out another common sports injury and its cure. Most of the physical sports require a tremendous amount of physicality, particularly in terms of running and pushing. During all these activities various joints in the body are working simultaneously to help you maintain your balance. One of joints comprises of your knees. The knee is one of the most important joints for any sport and perhaps the most affected too, in terms of sports injuries. Thankfully, Yoga has a cure for preventing knee injuries. First place a mat on the floor. Join your knees together and widen you heels, keep your feet firmly planted on the mat. Slowly exhale and lower your buttocks to the floor till they touch your heels. You can use your arms to balance properly. Maintain this position and breathe deeply 20 times. Now return to the starting position.

Yoga can really be a useful tool for even the toughest sports. Sometimes you require gentle healing for the worst physical stresses in your body. Yoga is one great way to get back in shape after a sports injury.

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