Yogic Solution For Emphysema

By Patricia | December 29, 2008
Breathing Techniques For Emphysema

It is believed that emphysema doesn’t really have a cure, but doing yoga can help people cope with the disease.

Emphysema: This is a lung disease that causes breathing difficulties. This disease generally destroys the shape and function of the lungs. The alveoli, which are tiny air sacks in the bronchioles and lungs as well as the narrow passages that lead to the air sacks, loose shape permanently. There is a loss of elasticity in the lung tissues and even the blood vessels in the lungs decrease. A chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD, this often affects people who are over 40 and is more common in men than in women.

Breathlessness as well as coughing are some of the symptoms of emphysema. Difficulty in chewing as well as swallowing happens because of acute breathlessness. Weight loss and a lack of appetite are few of the other symptoms.

Exposure to a lot air pollution, dust and excessive smoking are a few of the causes. This disease is also associated with chronic bronchitis and asthma. This, infection that obstructs the air passages is the main cause of emphysema.

Yoga To Help Emphysema: Yoga can help cure several types of diseases and the techniques used in yoga can help bring relief to emphysema. Yoga postures include simple breathing techniques, relaxation postures and stretching exercises that help emphysema patients. Yoga also controls the nervous system and rejuvenates the internal organs. Even patients with other respiratory problems have benefited from yoga poses or asanas. Pranayama breathing also teaches patients how to breathe in an effective way, basically a way in which more oxygen is inhaled by the body and toxins are exhaled out.

Breathing Regulation And Training: Emphysema patients need to regulate their breathing because this can help them control shortness of breath, relax, cope with stress and perform their daily activities in a smooth manner. Yoga makes you more aware of your body as well as of your breathing pattern. So, when patients experience shortness of breath or get excited, the pranayama techniques help them identify and cope with their breathing problems.

Relaxation: To breathe more evenly, patients with respiratory problems need to cope with stress or excitement well and need to know how to relax their minds and bodies. Regular yoga practice, teaches them how to relax. Yoga is also a good stress management tool.

Posture: Poor posture can obstruct your breathing by squeezing your lungs. Through yoga, patients can improve their posture, thus breathing in a smoother way.

While yoga is beneficial for emphysema patients, we suggest that you speak to your doctor and to a yoga expert before doing any of the yoga postures on your own.

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