Mind Power Yoga

An extreme of human power is the mind power, or what is called our will power. Naturally, it is centered in the mind. This is concentration (Dharana) whereby the individual focuses his / her energies on a particular object or task.

The other extreme of our power is the emotional power. It is our natural Being, centered in the heart. This is meditation (Dhyana) in which the pure current of one’s presence is permitted to blossom and grow.


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It is like a current is the river of one’s Being. It is something that one can neither push nor stop. It just is, and its nature is to flow.

The divine intercourse of these fundamental extremes is Mind Power Yoga. It is the whole which transcends the parts. The mind has embedded-corresponding planes of Intelligence and it flows. It flows from higher to lower levels and it blooms and blossoms likewise. It is as fast moving as the present moment because it is the eternal current of Intelligence and of the Being.

This current is one’s Real Power since it is Intellect (Gyana) itself, and a direct connection with it is Conscious Breathing.

The whole idea of Mind Power Yoga is to follow the path of positive mind control. This leads the practitioner to the living understanding of Being, which is so effective. For the greatest students and masters of Yoga this goal is the only goal. The sage, Patanjali, has referred to it as Samadhi. It is also called by some other names too. These include Nirvana, Union with Divine Intelligence, Cosmic Consciousness, Ultimate Bliss, and Alignment with Natural Order. As the sage Patanjali has written – “When the agitations of the mind are under control, the mind becomes like a transparent crystal and has the power of becoming whatever form is presented.”

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