Application and Removal of Chocolate Body Wrap

The first step of a chocolate body wrap treatment should always be exfoliating the skin. This gets rid of the dead skin cells and enables you to work with fresh, rejuvenated skin.

Once the skin has been well exfoliated, you need to apply the chocolate cream all over your body.


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Application of the chocolate cream is the most important aspect of the body wrap treatment. Make sure that you have –

  • The required amount of cream
  • A clean brush
  • Enough foil or plastic wrap to cover your body
  • A thermal or heating blanket
  • Water and towels

Before you apply the chocolate cream, cover your chair or bed as well as the surrounding area, with a disposable plastic wrap, as things could get a bit messy. Once that is done –

  1. Dip your brush into the chocolate cream and apply it on to your body. Always start from the feet and gradually work your way up to your neck.
  2. While applying the cream, avoid the genitals. If you are applying the cream on to your face, avoid the eyes, mouth and nose.
  3. When you turn over, you may need someone to help you with your back
  4. Once the body is smothered in cream, pull the foil or plastic wrap all over your body to keep the heat and moisture within
  5. Cover your body with a thermal blanket to maximize the effect of the wrap.

How to get it off?

  • After 20 minutes or so slowly remove the plastic wrap or foil on the body.

  • Following this you then get rid of the chocolate cream with some warm water and some mild cleanser.
  • If you have some time, you could soak in a hot tub or choose to get a body massage.

The procedure of a chocolate body wrap may differ from one spa to another. Chocolate masks are known to nourish your skin and leave them looking healthier, younger than before. Fortunately, you do not need to spend hundreds of dollars on commercial a mask; you can prepare your own chocolate mask at home using dark melted chocolate, sea salt, brown sugar and milk. The procedure to apply and remove the chocolate body wrap could or chocolate body mask could be a little difficult. It is recommended that you have someone to help you, especially if it involves a complete body wrap. A chocolate mask only for the face will not be much of a hassle and can be done easily alone.

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