Is there any yoga for sugar and chocolate addiction?

(May 29, 2012)

Yoga can definitely help you with your sugar and chocolate addiction but it can’t cure it single handedly. Sugar and chocolate addictions have to be treated just like any other addictions such as drugs and alcohol. When the body starts craving a particular object and uses it to escape from the present, the addiction escalates. The theory is that we use sugar and chocolate (or drugs and alcohol) to distract us from a range of unpleasant emotions. This is where yoga can step in. Yoga is all about being in the present – about being in tune with your mind and your body.

Regular practice of yoga will improve your understanding of how your body reacts to certain things. Through the meditative and relaxing yoga poses and breathing exercises you will find ways to cope with what’s going wrong whether in your body or your mind. A regular yoga routine will help turn your attention from your cravings to things that are important. The following poses may help curb your cravings for sugar and chocolate:

  • Seated One- Leg Forward Bend
  • Seated Shin Hug
  • Boat Pose with Arms Raised in V
  • Compass Pose

In addition to your yoga routine a change in will diet will help. Cut out or reduce all products containing refined white sugar and include more protein and whole grains in your meals. This helps balance out sugar levels in the body and curbs cravings. Most of all stay active and busy with different activities.

Submitted by A V on May 29, 2012 at 06:04

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