Preliminary Steps Of Agni Yoga

By Patricia | November 11, 2008
Preliminary Steps Of Agni Yoga

Agni Yoga is a new form of Yoga taught by Nicholas Roerich a Russian artist together with his wife Helena Roerich since the 1920s. In Sanskrit Agni means “fire”, hence Agni the god of fire is the principal deity in this school of thought. The followers time and again refer to the primal light and life as the root of the universe. They say that cosmic energy, the ‘Fire of Space, and ‘psychic energy’, the mental and emotional powers, especially those revealed through thought, love and creativity are the basis of all life.

This school of thought focuses on psychic energy, since it is believed to produce the greatest healing. They claim that humans can extract deposits of psychic energy that form a cure-all for all disease. Energy helps secrete certain chemical substances in our bodies that deposit in the body, just as emotions like anger do. This, the school of Agni Yoga believes is due to the fact that all energy has a physical crystal. Together with a study of the Yogic chakras (nerve centers), Agni Yogis claim that the future direction of medicine will rely heavily on the research into the chemical deposits of subtle energies.

Building up reserves of psychic energy calls for attention to both the microcosm as well as the macrocosm. According to Agni Yoga a man’s spiritual liberation is incumbent upon his awareness of the cosmic unity. Fully understanding this is only possible through spiritual guidance and protection from the sympathetic enlightened beings that belong to the Brotherhood of Agni Yoga. Co

The preliminary steps of Agni Yoga are very much like those of Raja Yoga. They consist of determination, self-purification, introspection and, finally, mastery of the vital life force called Prana. In Agni Yoga, just as in Raja Yoga practicing under the guidance of a trained, experienced guru is important. Only then, can the student develop subtle faculties, such as clairaudience and clairvoyance, together with an awakening of the chakras or psychic centers. The 7 chakras are often referred to in traditional Indian Yogic texts. Likewise, Agni Yoga teaches that stimulating of the chakras or psychic centers is of paramount importance. They lay a lot of emphasis on the heart or the Anahata chakra.

As against the old, traditional methods of mastering subtle energy, Agni Yoga believes that mastery happens within the context of day to day material life. Agni Yoga has replaced Monasticism by working for the common good. This, they believe is real creative work, which develops a society that is based on scientific and spiritual knowledge.

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