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(September 5, 2010)

How to increase my breast size by doing yoga?is there any steps?

When one considers the human body, the breasts are a prominent feature for woman. The breasts are an important feature for child rearing. The mammary glands are common to all mammals, and in fact form the basis of their classification as mammals. The breasts in humans or the mammary glands play the vital role of providing nourishment and sustenance to the offspring, ensuring the survival of the species. In human beings lactation occurs from the time of child birth and for many months after that. While this is the primary function of the breasts, they are also important from the point of view of the physical appearance of a woman. The breasts are also considered to play a role in sexual activity, but the exact role they play differs from one culture to the next. Across most cultures however there is an obsession with breast size and many women seek to increase their breast size through surgical and cosmetic treatments. There are however safer options and to some extent the use of yoga to increase breast size may help.
The breasts are made up of many different parts including milk ducts, milk glands and fatty tissue. Many women consider small breasts to be embarrassing and seek methods by which they can augment their breast size. There are artificial methods available, but these are often not advisable or undesirable. Because breasts are made up partly of fatty tissue, a woman with more body fat is likely to have larger breasts. This holds true to an extent but is not a hard and fast rule. In order to boost one’s breast size, one can improve the overall physique of the body so that the breasts appear larger even if their size is unchanged. Exercise routines that tone and shape the muscles can also help to enhance the appearance of the breasts. This is one of the reasons why the use of yoga to increase breast size has become popular.
The breasts are mounted on the chest wall. Body posture also plays an important role in appearance and the appearance of the breasts. A poor posture or stooping posture does not accentuate the breasts, and this can cause even normal sized breasts to appear inadequate. The use of yoga to increase breast size comes in handy again as it is the most effective strategy to correct posture. A change of posture itself will help the breasts appear more prominent. There is some confusion as to whether the use of various forms of exercise like yoga to increase breast size is really of any merit. The breasts themselves are not made up of any muscle. This means that exercise cannot directly increase the size of the breasts. However, some people suggest that chest exercises improve the muscular structure of the chest. This can help to provide better support to the breasts. While the breasts will not be larger, their appearance will be more prominent.
There are many poses in yoga to boost breast size. Almost all the stretching exercises that involve the torso are useful for this purpose. The downward and upward facing dog positions stretch and compress the chest. Many of the backward bending poses open the chest a lot and improve circulation. One should note that any exercise should be supported with adequate nutrition. Many women who complain of small breasts are themselves underweight. A deficiency of fat in the body is partially responsible for small breast size.

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Yoga tips to increase breast size 

Contrary to popular notion, the size of breasts cannot be influenced by yoga or any form of exercise. In order to debunk the false notion, it is imperative to understand the anatomy of the breast clearly. Breasts do not have any muscle tissue in them; rather breasts are made up of mainly cells containing fats, and ducts and glands that produce milk when the woman lactates. Fat cells, ducts and glands are all held together by soft connecting tissues and hence breasts are dependent upon these tissues to be held together. Hence exercises do not help to enhance or augment the size of the breasts as there is no muscle in them. However what exercise can do is to help tone up the muscles surrounding the breasts especially the pectoral muscles which in turn helps to strengthen the tissues on which the breasts lie.
You must aim to practice yoga asanas or exercises that will help build your chest muscles thus giving an impression of developed breasts. There are a number of yoga exercises to tone the chest muscles and these are namely Pranayama, Kapalbhati, and Anuloma-Viloma. One asana in particular known as the Bhujangasana is advocated for developing the pectorals. 

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