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Certain asanas in yoga does help in weight loss, though it requires additional care in the lifestyle and dietary pattern. Bending forward and backward, alternate bends by touching the legs with your hands, sideward bends and sideward twists help in weight loss. Certain asanas that belong to the prone posture, standing posture, balancing posture, sitting posture, inverted posture and supine posture prove beneficial. Diet plays a vital role in losing the unwanted fat. Increase your physical activity. Opt for more outdoor games. Do not go the bed, immediately after meals. Avoid sleeping in the after noon.

About one and a half hour of yoga session, about thrice a week helps in weight loss. Surya namaskar is a good way to begin yogic exercises. This is because of the fact that sun salutations help in weight loss. It also acts as a good warming up technique. Stand straight and place your palms near the chest. Keep them together and inhale. Exhale and push your hands outside and bring them back. Arch your back towards the behind part and raise your arm to form ardha chandrasana or the half moon pose. Bend from your waist and touch the floor with your palms. Relax for a while. This is uttanasana or the hand to feet pose.

Follow it up with surya darshan, wherein your push your feet between the palms on the floor. Look forward. Relax and inhale. Use your arms to lift your hips and squeeze your legs. Keep your feet flat on the floor and look forward. This is purvottanasana or the inclined plane. Follow it up with down ward facing dog pose or adho mukha svanasana. Sastanga dandawat is the pose of prostration on the floor. Place your knees, chest and head on the floor, in a slow manner. Cobra pose or bhujangasana follows this. Then repeat the adho mukha svanansana, sun sight pose, uttanasana, ardha chandrasana and namaskar.

Bikram yoga and Ashtanga yoga helps to loss those extra pounds, when practiced for about six months. Immediate results or spot reduction is not possible with yoga. Perseverance and constant efforts help. Bikram yoga involves exercises that help in burning of calories. It involves asanas that is a combination of aerobics and cardiovascular exercise. Ashtanga yoga involves poses that increases the body heat. This increase in temperature helps in the purification of the body, by the annihilation of the impurities and other toxins.

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