Yoga for Blood Pressure

(August 17, 2008)

How blood pressure can be cured through yoga?

High blood pressure occurs if the pressure in the cardiovascular system increases. This can lead to various problems in the system. Thus hyper tension or high blood pressure refers to development of pressure in the arteries. Generally hypertension is caused if the readings go up to 140/90mmHg or more. Hypertension can lead to various problems like stroke, heart attack, coronary artery diseases. It is a silent killer as the person may not know that he is suffering from blood pressure. Hyper tension if left untreated can lead to kidney damage and arterial cardiac damage. People suffering from Hypertension may suffer from a light pounding headache, hazy vision, ringing in the ears and impaired kidney functioning. If these symptoms are experienced frequently then the person can have a heart attack, stroke or paralysis.

A low salt intake in food can be beneficial. Avoid table salt and do not add extra amount of salt in the food. Avoid processed and preserved foods. Avoid stress, worry or tension. Lower the intake of fatty and fried foods and increase the intake of fruits and vegetables. Sleep properly and have food regularly and daily.

Certain yoga asana that can help in improving in maintaining the blood pressure of an individual are:

Sukhasana (Easy pose): Easy pose is generally intended for meditation. Place a mat on the floor. Sit crossed legs and place the feet below your knees. Place your hands around your knees. Sit erect with the back straight. This is a relaxation pose which is very easy to do.

Ardha Matsyendrasana (Half spinal twist pose): Sit on the floor with heels pointing outwards. Sit down towards your right side. Place the left feet on the outside of the right knee and keep your spine erect. Lift your arms to the shoulder level. Twist your spine a little to the left hand side. Bring the right arms towards the outside of the left knee and hold the left foot with right hand. Place the left hand on the ground and look over the left shoulder.

Anuloma Viloma (Alternate nostril breathing technique): This is an effective breathing exercise. Inhale through the left nostril and close the right nostril with the thumb to the count of four. Exhale through the right nostril and close the left nostril with the ring and little finger to the count of eight. Again inhale through the right nostril and close the left nostril with ring and little finger. Exhale through the left nostril and close the right nostril with the thumb to the count of eight. Repeat this sequence.

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