Yoga for blood pressure

(August 8, 2008)

Which yoga asan is best for curing high blood pressure?

Yoga asana is recommended for the treatment of both high and low blood pressure. Yoga provides exercise to all the organs of the body so as to regulate the overall metabolism rate in the body. The blood in the human body moves with some pressure and that pressure in the body should be regulated to carry out the tasks with great comfort. When the pressure of the blood increases beyond the normal range then it is termed as high blood pressure. It is caused when the heart contracts more than required.

There are several causes of high blood pressure like increased stress, anger and anxiety or other mental and cognitive disorders. Yogasana helps to free one's mind from the negative thoughts and provides complete rest to the mind and the body. This increases the metabolism of the body and brings the mind at rest. Excessive thinking about something also increases the pressure with which the blood flows in various organs of the body.

Various Asanas of Yoga help greatly in regulation of the blood flow in the body by reducing mental fatigue and stress. It helps in digestion and increased metabolism in the body. It reduces the stress on the heart thereby reducing the rate of blood pressure. Yoga exercises which involve deep breathing and alternate nostril breathing help in treatment of a wide variety of diseases in the body. Yoga increases the rate of metabolism in the body and it helps the individual to have a mental balance along with increased physical activities.

Pranayam (Breathing exercises) and Nadishodhan (food pipe purification) exercises of yoga help in controlling the flow of energy in the body. Kumbhaka (breath retention) asana also helps greatly to rejuvenate the body. Meditation also helps the body to concentrate at one position. Concentrating at the position of the third eye between both of the eyebrows helps to increase the concentration and also the remembrance power of the individual. It increases memory and aids in better cognitive functions of the body. It also balances the entire nervous system.

Chanting of the word 'Omkar' also relaxes the mind and helps to increase concentration. It helps the body to provide relief from a wide variety of diseases inclusive of high and low blood pressure. Yoga nidra (psychic sleep) works wonders in short span of time for a wide variety of physical troubles. It should be practiced half an hour daily to show instant and great results for high blood pressure.

Submitted by R J on August 8, 2008 at 07:16

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