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(November 9, 2010)

hello sir ..i want to increase my height as well as height is 5.6, so is it possible through yoga ..can u give me some tips or exercise..

Practicing yoga postures can be the answer on how to increase height even when heredity is the issue. Doing yoga for height increase helps in increasing the metabolic rate of the body and improves the production of the growth hormone. Many of the yoga asanas involve a lot of stretching of the spine and simultaneously build muscles to help support the growth. The stretching in the yoga asanas helps in the alignment of the spine and makes it ready for elongation. You will also develop improved flexibility and correct posture. Some of the effective yoga asanas for height increase are Ardha Kurmasana (Half Tortoise Pose), Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose), Dandayamana Janushirasana (Standing Head to Knee Pose), and Sukahasana (Easy Pose). 
The Ardha Kurmasana pose enables the stretching of the spine, which brings relief from backaches and spine troubles. The bending and stretching also increases the flexibility of the hips and arms. In performing this asana, the spine becomes elongated thereby increasing height. The Bhujangasana is called the Snake Pose due to its resemblance of a cobras raised hood. This asana is considered to be one of the most effective asanas for the spine and back. In performing the Bhujangasana asana, the spine is given an intense stretch backwards, which helps increase its flexibility and strength. 
The Sukahasana asana is a simple posture for you to begin with. To perform this posture you should sit with your legs crossed and hands placed on your knees. Keep your concentration on your breathing and make sure the spine is kept straight. Slowly lower your knees and take 5 to 10 deep, slow breaths. When you take in your next breath, bring your arms above your head. Then breathe out and slowly bring down your arms. You should repeat it around 5 to 6 times. 
Apart from doing yoga for height increase, practicing power yoga for stamina is a very effective technique to use as the exercises tend to be dynamic, exhausting and intensive. The brisk workout can be completed within half an hour with warm-ups from yoga exercises like the Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutation). You can also perform Pilates to build stamina as the positions in the exercises are held for a long duration. Along with the benefit of increased height, yoga helps build strength and improves the functioning of the various systems of the body. However, it is necessary that the yoga for height is performed regularly and also combined with a yogic diet to enhance the benefits.

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There are many yoga postures you could practice that will help you increase your height by a few inches. Tadasana (Shoulder stand) is an excellent posture which involves standing in an upright position on the floor by holding the muscles of the back. Practice of the Sukhasana (Easy pose) is also an effective exercise to increase your height. These exercises help in stretching the spine and improving your posture. While yoga can help improve your height and posture to some extent using yoga for stamina improvement is a lot more effective.
Stamina depends on many factors like gender, age, and physical constitution. It tends to decrease with age and illness. The practice of yoga for stamina is very helpful not only in increasing physical stamina but mental and emotional resilience as well. Some of the poses of yoga for stamina are the Triangle Pose (Trikonasana), Warrior Pose (Veerasana), and Tree Pose (Vrikshasana).  To perform the Tree pose you should be in the standing position with both feet together. Then place your right foot on the inside of the left thigh. Bring your arms above your head and keep your palms together. Once you do this for 30 seconds repeat it with the other leg. To maximize the increase of your stamina these yoga poses must be practiced regularly.
Practicing power yoga increases stamina as the workouts tend to be exhausting, intensive and dynamic. Therefore, in doing these exercises your stamina will naturally be increased. This yoga for increasing stamina can be completed within half an hour. It is started with warm-up exercises like the Sun Salutation. By holding the power yoga poses, muscle strength can be built. These breathing exercises help increase the capacity of the lungs and also the levels of energy which leads to increased stamina. Power yoga is an intensive workout and if you have any problems like high blood pressure you should consult with your doctor before you begin.
Yoga helps build endurance with the practice of the various static and dynamic movements which also help build muscular strength and flexibility.  The deep breathing exercises that are performed with the yoga poses help in increasing stamina and building endurance. Ashtanga is an excellent yoga for building strength. This pose can be practiced by anyone in good physical condition but should not be done by beginners.
The exercises of yoga for increasing stamina benefit all aspects of your life. Not only do they help in the physical aspects but they contribute greatly to the emotional state as well. However, for you to see the results you desire, the postures and asanas should be practiced regularly.

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My friend,

You can increase your height only if you’re well below 14 years old and practise Yoga regularly all stretching poses in standing, supine, prone and inverted positions. For stamina follow all the suggestions given here:


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