Yoga Asanas for Weight Loss

(August 1, 2008)

What kind of yoga asanas after pregnancy I can do as I want to reduce my weight & fat? Please help.

Yoga can be used any time in life to loose the extra pounds gained by the body. Generally ladies put on weight after the delivery of the baby. Various exercises of the yoga can be used for weight reduction as it helps greatly to burn the fat deposited in the body in and around the belly region. .
The results of yoga can be assured if it is taken for longer duration of time without much break in between. Yoga has proven records of weight reduction after pregnancy but one has to be patient and undertake the exercises slowly and steadily and increase the time devoted for the exercise as one should not apply stress to the body in any case.
Normal physical exercises can help greatly. Tender asanas of yoga like shavasana (dead body pose) helps to increase the metabolism in the body and increases the circulation of the blood. This builds up energy which is lost at the time of pregnancy. These exercises should be started after few months of pregnancy and not immediately as it might affect the stitches taken at the time of surgery.
A good control over the dietary patterns also helps to bring the body under normal stature. One can always begin with simple exercises like walking and simple asanas like padmasana (lotus pose) and shavasana (corpse pose) and later on can switch to vigorous exercises like swimming, dancing and complicated yoga postures.
Instant weight loss after pregnancy is also not desirable and hence one should lose weight slowly and steadily after pregnancy. Weight loss exercises should be started after 3-4 months of pregnancy and a specific plan and dietary pattern should be followed.
Breast feeding the baby helps in reduction of the weight in most natural way to lose weight. Production of breast milk helps to burn calories hence it is a perfect solution to weight reduction after pregnancy. Exercises which provide strength to the back and the breast should be undertaken as it helps to keep the body active and avoids clotting of the milk in the breast. Breathing exercises especially the deep breaths help to provide freshness within the body and keeps one active in the post pregnancy days.
Exercises which provide strain to the back or pressure on the belly should be avoided. Hence, asanas like chakrasana (wheel pose) and ardh chakrasana (half wheel pose) should be avoided and simple exercises like bhujangasana (cobra pose) and padmasana (lotus pose) can be undertaken lightly and carefully.  Surya namaskar (sun salutation pose) also shows great results for weight loss after pregnancy.

Submitted by R J on August 1, 2008 at 08:15

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