What is Moksha Yoga?

(July 1, 2010)

Moksha Yoga is a kind of hot yoga that is good for people who are new to yoga. It is also a great form of yoga for experienced yoga practitioners. In every Moksha Yoga class, you will be taken through a series of toning as well as strengthening postures that will be done in a heated studio. People can also do their Teacher Training courses at certified Moksha yoga studios, and then with permission, open their own Moksha yoga teaching centers.

Moksha yoga has a well-rounded yoga program that helps people work on their overall health within their own environment. Moksha yoga studios also offer stress management, nutrition, desk stretching techniques and other health related information.

What is Moksha Yoga: This kind of yoga was founded in Canada in 2004 by Jessica Robertson and Ted Grant. Though Moksha yoga is a new kind of yoga, it has become very quickly in a short span of time. There are several studios all across the world. Moksha yoga has a set of 40 postures that are done in a hot room. There are strict green standards that need to be followed in these studios to keep the places environmentally friendly. These studios might be made with sustainable building materials and use natural cleansers.

Each Moksha yoga studio is run by certified teachers, teachers who have been approved by the founders. To find official Moksha studios, it is advisable to check the website. Do remember that Moksha in Sankrit means freedom, liberation and enlightenment, and there will be many yoga studios with the same name. But to find a yoga class that is authentic, it is best to refer to the website and find one in your area of residence.

What to expect: Moksha yoga is a form of hot yoga that has a series of forty poses. This yoga begins and ends its sessions with savasana. Students can be invited to set an intention to their yoga practice sessions, and then they can move into standing postures. After the warm up, the students start a floor sequence that includes postures that work the spine, upper body and hips. Moksha yoga is challenging, accessible and good for life-long health.

Health benefits: Moksha yoga can help de-stress, lose weight, improve cardiovascular health and the immune system, and help you feel more energized. Moksha has also helped people who have had chemotherapy, heal physically and emotionally. It can help improve interpersonal relationships within a family and increase focus.

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