How to Get Started in Yoga?

(July 2, 2010)

Deciding to practice yoga is only the first step towards good health and fitness. This is indeed, a big step in a person’s life. While most people view yoga simply as a physical routine, in reality, yoga is much more than that. Yoga consists of a yogic lifestyle and the changes that it brings with it can help you balance your body, mind and soul.
If you are wondering how to get started in yoga, the good news is that there is no dearth of available resources. There are many ways in which you can begin your yoga practice. However, be sure that you will continue the practice regularly and are not just indulging in a passing fad. To be able to see the real results of the practice of yoga, the practice has to be taken up on a regular basis.
The first thing to do when starting a yoga practice is to understand the different styles of yoga and choose one that is suited to you. You can choose from amongst various different yoga styles, ranging from the oldest Ashtanga yoga, to the styled yoga disciplines such as Iyengar yoga, Bikram yoga, and Power yoga. For beginners, Ashtanga yoga or Hatha yoga are considered most suitable. Within these yoga forms too, there are specific poses meant for beginners, followed by poses meant for those at an intermediate level, and finally poses which are for the more advanced practitioners.
To find out which yoga style suits you best, it is important to understand the philosophy and the benefits of each. A good, comprehensive book on yoga can help you find out more about the different styles of yoga and make it easier for you to choose one. The next step, after you’ve chosen a yoga style, is to find a yoga studio or a class for beginners. Though there are many yoga DVDs and other resources that beginners can refer to, it is recommended that you always learn from a well trained teacher personally, before switching to books and DVDs.
A yoga class for beginners is an ideal place to start off with the basics of yoga. Here, you can learn how to adjust your breathing rhythms and use it during the exercises, and you can also learn about the correct way of performing all the beginners’ poses. Once you feel confident about being able to perform these poses on your own, you can practice them at home using illustrations from books and training sessions on DVDs.

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