Rai Yoga

(July 4, 2010)

What is rai yoga?

Rai yoga was established in the year 1998. It was formulated by a group of experts who wanted to create a disease free society. The ultimate aim of rai yoga is to harmonize the body, mind and soul. It comprises of various body postures which nourish the body. Rai yoga consists of pranayamas, which helps in uplifting your mood and thereby achieving a positive approach towards life. Rai yoga does help propagate yoga as a way of life. Rai yoga is committed to help people get rid of various ailments with the help of therapy.
Yoga consists of a number of body postures and at the same time makes us aware of our entire being. Rai yoga consists of stretching and breathing exercises which help in formulating a flexible body. These postures or movements help in improving the condition of joints, tendons, muscles and circulatory system. People who suffer from joint problems will soon see noticeable changes in themselves. It is also known to cure a number of other bodily ailments.
This form of workout gives you a better awareness of your own self. It also helps you gain better control and awareness of your body and helps in processing your thoughts. Once you take up a regular practice of rai yoga you will feel like you have been transformed both physically and mentally. Rai yoga helps in alleviating various health problems without too much effort. It is a simple form of working out which doesn’t take up much of one’s energy. In fact after the workout one feels refreshed and energized. It is often prescribed to get rid of various injuries, knee and back pains, pulled hamstrings, and even minor skin burns as a therapeutic procedure.
All of this might be a little difficult to believe at first. But once you practice rai yoga you can witness for yourself the benefits of this form of yoga. Practicing rai yoga in the morning can make you energetic and help you retain that energy throughout the day. There are a lot of forms of yoga. This is a type of workout that is not restricted to any particular age group. People belonging to all age groups are free to experience the benefits and reap the rewards of this simple form of work-out.
A number of yoga teachers specialize in teaching rai yoga and it is important to consult with a specialist as opposed to practicing on your own.

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