Super Brain Yoga

(July 1, 2010)

What is super brain yoga?

Super Brain Yoga
All of us go through a lot of stress these days. We rarely find the time to relax between chores, with one crisis ending and another springing up. Super brain yoga is a new concept which is considered helpful in energizing and recharging the brain. It is based on the subtle methods of acupuncturing the ears. You do not need to spend a lot of time practicing yoga or even relaxing; for super brain yoga all you need to do is to contribute just 45 seconds of your time every day.
How To Do Super Brain Yoga
This form of yoga is believed to be effective when done early in the morning, at the break of dawn, so that your concentration and a stress buster attitude will be initiated for the entire day. You need to watch the sunrise every morning while doing this type of yoga, it boosts the relaxation process. Prior to practicing super brain yoga, one needs to remove all ear jewelry. Then hold your right ear with the left hand and hold your left ear with the left hand. You must continue to hold your lobe as you press your tongue to the roof of your mouth. You must inhale slowly and squat to the ground. Hold your breath until you return back to the standing position. Repeat the entire process for some time.

Super Brain Yoga Exercises And Practice
Those who believe in the efficacy of super brain yoga are of the opinion that positive changes are usually noticed immediately. Your increase in concentration levels will be apparent. Super brain yoga is very easy and can be performed without any assistance. In the beginning this type of yoga might not be very promising, but once you do it and experience the benefits you will soon find yourself recommending it to family and friends. The positive results experienced by practicing super yoga are currently under research by a number of experts.
Some researchers even conducted brain mapping immediately after performing this exercise. It was found that this exercise actually gives the brain a mental boost. Before beginning the exercise you need to know the location of the acupuncture points in the ears. After knowing the acupuncture points one can successfully practice the super brain yoga. Some yoga practitioners believe that if super brain yoga is practiced in the morning without fail, it can help in vitalizing oneself throughout the day. It will also help the individual to welcome a new day with a positive outlook.
A number of people claim that they have experienced stress relief by practicing super brain yoga on a day to day basis. Super brain yoga is also known to help people be more psychologically balanced. If you suffer from any ailments, make sure you get your doctor’s advice before practicing any physical exercise.

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