Yoga For Sickness

(June 30, 2010)

Is there any yoga for sickness?

Regular Yoga practice is a great way to build strength and improve your body’s immunity. Yoga consists of several breathing, stretching and meditation techniques that are known to improve the overall health and prevent several health hazards like heart diseases, digestive problems, obesity and high blood pressure. However, people often wonder if it alright to practice Yoga when sick. Many people believe that practicing Yoga when sick can improve the condition. Some experts state that if you can get to a Yoga mat when you are sick, you can perform a few poses that can help you recuperate faster, without taxing your body too much. Given below are a few Yoga poses or exercises that can help you to feel better, when you are sick:

• Some Yoga exercises, like the Pelvic Tilts can help in alleviating aches and pains, by waking up the spine, in a gentle way.
• Another pose, known as the Pigeon Pose, can be help in opening up the hips, which can make you feel better.
• Practicing the Supine Spinal Twist towards the end of a Yoga practice session can help you feel better, as these twists can cleanse the organs.
The Lion Pose in Yoga, can be practiced a few times a day, in case you are suffering from a cold or a sore throat. This pose brings a fresh supply of blood to the throat, which can help in chasing away the germs.
There are several poses that are can help tone up the digestive and the excretory system, like the Frog Pose, the Cobra Pose, the Locust Pose, the Abdominal Lock, the Shoulder Stand, the Bow Pose and the Complete Relaxation Pose.
Poses like the Heavenly Stretch Pose can be helpful in relieving headaches  
The Pranayama involves deep breathing and other techniques which can be very useful for arthritis patients.
Nasal Cleansing is a part of Yoga that has been used all across the globe, to cure sinus infections.
A “yoga diet” is a diet that emphasizes on consuming vegetables, fruit, grains, legumes and dairy products. It restricts the intake of sugar, artificial sweeteners and processed foods, which are bad for the health.

However, Hot Yoga, also known as Bikram Yoga, is performed in an environment of over 100 degrees F. This form of Yoga should be avoided, when you are sick. Moreover, while Yoga can help you feel better, it is not a cure. Therefore, it is not advisable to rely only on yoga when sick.

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