AM And PM Yoga

(June 30, 2010)

What is AM And PM Yoga?

AM PM yoga is one of the most popular video representations of yoga poses for beginners. Yoga, though an ancient physical art form founded and practiced in India, has now reached all over the world, with millions of enthusiasts trying it out to see the changes it brings in their lives.
The concept of AM PM yoga is to divide the yoga postures and positions into two parts – one which is suitable for the morning, to give you enough energy and vitality that you are prepared for a long day ahead and second, which relaxes your mind at the end of the day and helps achieve the calm that is required after a tiring day.
AM yoga for beginners has been made by Rodney Yee, a yoga instructor who has training in several physical disciplines like ballet and gymnastics. Yee was fascinated by the movements in yoga and the kind of effects it had on the body and mind. He studied and practiced yoga over the years and personally experienced the life altering effects of yoga. He felt that yoga was something that everyone should have access to in order to make life simpler and disease free.
AM yoga is a blend of relaxing meditation and the vinyasa style of yoga which involves smooth stretching movements. These physical poses allow a person to begin the day with a peaceful mind, while improving focus and the concentration. The stretches are simple, yet athletic, making use of breath to flow in and out of one movement to another.
The PM yoga is led by Yee’s colleague, Patricia Walden. The entire series of movements and poses in the PM yoga soothe the mind and increase inner peace and tranquillity. The entire being is revitalized so that both the body and the mind can relax for a good night’s sleep. PM yoga is excellent for relieving stress and rejuvenating the body.
Both the AM and the PM programmes are filmed beautifully, in relaxing environs. The sunrise yoga poses of AM are filmed at Maui and the sunset poses of PM yoga are filmed at Death Valley. The music in the background is soft and soothing, perfect in its harmony and ideal for practicing the relaxing and revitalizing poses.

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