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(September 5, 2010)

how i increase my breast size from yoga

Sex appeal has always been important and whether we like it or not a great deal of importance is attached to outward appearances. The breasts are a prominent feature in the physical appearance of human females and greatly add to sex appeal. The breasts in both male and female children tend to appear similar. During puberty, the female hormone estrogen kicks in and this stimulates the growth of the breasts. It is at this point that the female body starts resembling that of a grown woman. Other changes such as the widening of the hips also take place around the same time. Many women feel insecure and inadequate about themselves because of small breast sizes and resort to surgical methods of enhancement. Breast increase with yoga is however a much safer and less expensive option.
The breasts are made up of many different parts. The breasts are supported on the chest wall and are made up of glands that are designed to produce milk. Milk production is usually stimulated in a woman who is about to become a mother. After childbirth, the infant will feed on the breast milk for many months.  This is an essential part of the child’s welfare because breast milk has been recognized as the single most important source of nutrition in infant health.
The size of a woman’s breasts is a cause of a lot of debate. Some people find large breasts attractive while others may be quite unconcerned with size. The size and shape of the breasts depend on many different factors. These include genetic differences between women. The amount of fat in a woman’s body is also a determining factor. Women with minimal body fat will likely have smaller breasts than they would if they were normally built. If desired it may be possible to bring about or create the appearance of a breast increase with yoga.
A woman seeking to increase her bust size normally can use some breast growth exercises. An exercise targeted at breast augmentation is actually one that improves the muscular structure of the chest. With improved support from the chest, the breasts tend to be firmer and they may appear larger. This is actually just the breast receiving better support from below it. All stretching exercises that involve the compression and extension of the chest can be classified as breast increase yoga positions. Even during the sun salutation, the upward and downward dog positions alternate between opening and closing the chest area respectively. This kind of exercise stimulates blood circulation to the chest area and also exercises the muscles there. This exercise is essential for improving the breast structure. Women seeking some sort of breast boost exercise must change their diets to a healthier diet. This will ensure that women who are underweight add some body mass as this is also essential for breast size. Exercise and improved posture together can naturally help increase the size of the breasts.

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Breast increasing Yoga poses 

Spot weight gain or spot weight reduction is only possible with over all weight gain or over all weight reduction. So if you want to increase your breast tissues it is important to increase over all body weight. If your breast size is too small then to gain confidence and improve your body shape you can wear lightly padded bras till you gain some body weight. To build the breast muscles try these yoga poses –

  1. Sitting pose – sit on a yoga mat or on a chair (if you sit on a chair then see to it that your legs are down and your spine is straight) with your legs crossed and hands folded in prayer pose, both palms touching. Press the base of your palm and release after 5 10 seconds. Repeat this for a minute 2-3 times a day.
  2. Cobra pose or Bhujangasana – lie flat on the stomach with chin touching the ground on a yoga mat. Keep your hands under your shoulder and stretch the top of the toes on the floor. Hug your elbows back to raise your body from the ground. The remaining part of the body that is the thighs, pelvis and feet should be firmly pressed in the ground. Inhale. Straighten your arms to lift the chest off the floor, only go to a level which you can maintain. Breathe normally and remain in this pose for 15 seconds. Exhale and relax come back to the floor slowly.

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