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(January 30, 2009)

Can I do yoga and gym simultaneously. i.e. morning yoga and evening gym to fitness my body. Kindly please explain.

Yes of course you can do gym workouts and yoga and all that you like as long as you have the stamina to do it all. But I would really like to know why you want to strain yourself so much. Why do you want to do both gym workouts and yoga? Yoga in itself is a powerful workout for your entire body and mind. I know it looks very simple and easy and seems like the meditation would only help to calm you down and make you feel peaceful. But the fact is that yoga is not as easy as it looks. And you will realize it once you join a regular class and start learning the advanced yoga asanas or postures. Yoga is an intense workout that will require a lot of your patience, control and balance. And the best part is that you will challenge yourself more each time with every asana or posture and you will enjoy it. If you are dedicated to yoga practice then you do not need any other workout.

Yoga and gym workouts both have their own set of benefits and you need to decide what you require for your body. Yoga asanas or postures are slow graceful controlled movements while gym workouts involve rapid movements with force. Your muscles are strengthened from deep within in a systematic manner that improves your muscular endurance. In gym workouts the tension on your muscles increases a lot due to the forceful movements. Since yoga asanas or workouts are done in a slow systematic and controlled manner they prevent any kind of injury. Whereas in the gym workouts there is a greater risk of injury and muscle strain due to the rapid and forceful movements. If your weight gain is due to stress and you are trying to lose weight then yoga is a preferable option as it reduces your stress to a great extent and that in turn reduces your appetite. So you consume lesser calories. Gym workouts also help to reduce stress but not as much as yoga so your appetite is not reduced as much and in some cases since you strain yourself so much in your gym you actually tend to eat more and consume more calories. Yoga does not tire you out but helps you to relax totally and gets rid of your stress fully so you feel more at peace with yourself and others and you feel more energetic and refreshed after a yoga session. Gym workouts drain a lot of your energy so you feel exhausted after your gym sessions and your body aches due to the excessive strain on your muscles.

Submitted by G M on January 30, 2009 at 02:53

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