Yoga Asanas, Poses For Height Increase

(January 23, 2009)

best and effective yoga for height increase

You have not mentioned your age or your height. Your height depends on various factors such as how active your lifestyle is, whether you have been swimming, cycling or running, hereditary factors, etc. If you have been doing any of these activities as a child then it naturally adds a few inches over your normal height but if you have not been active at all then chances are that you might have not been able to reach your maximum height. Your height increases a lot when you are a child and during puberty and then it slows down and stops when you become an adult. Yoga works to increase your height as it increases your metabolic rate that helps the pituitary gland to secret more fluid, which increases your height. Yoga also stimulates the other glands in your body to promote the secretion of hormones that help to increase your height. Pranayama or breathing techniques are really beneficial in increasing your height as they harmonize your breathing and rejuvenate your body to boost metabolism that stimulates hormone production to increase your height. Yoga asanas or poses also help to increase the length and strength of your bones and muscles and tones your body beautifully so you look taller naturally. You can practice the following yoga asanas or poses to increase your height:
  • Chakrasana or the wheel pose is beneficial as it helps to stretch your trunk region, which in turn elongates your body from the stomach area. It also helps to relax the stiffness from the muscles of your back and your sides.
  • Tadasana or the mountain pose is also a helpful asana to increase your height. You simply stand straight on the ground and hold the back muscles and the shoulders upright. This might sound really simple but it is not as easy as you need to pay attention to get your body properly aligned.
  • Sarvangasana or the Shoulder stand is also excellent to increase your height, as it is an inverted asana. It makes your blood rush in the opposite direction towards your head. This stimulates the pituitary gland to release the fluid that helps you to increase your height.
  • Surya-namaskar or the Sun salutation is great for your entire body as it is a series of 12 different asanas that stretch and tone every limb in your body and strengthen your bones too. Thus it helps to increase your height.

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