hello. i would like to ask if there is any inconvenient in donating blood and practice yoga after. i am asking this because doctors usually tell me not to perform any exercise during the day I give blood. Thank you

(August 20, 2012)

Although the blood donated through the process of blood donation is generally recovered by a healthy body within a matter of 24 hours, it can leave the body feeling a little weak or drowsy. As a result, you will notice that it is most highly recommended that an individual take a day off work on the day he or she donates blood as there is likely to be a significant lack of focus, albeit for a short while. Exercise can prove to be rather strenuous on a body that might still be recovering from a lack of blood circulation. However, it is important to remember that the impact of exercises such as yoga after donating blood will hinge heavily on the amount of work and extent of exertion required of the body. For instance, a simple Pranayama practice that focuses on breathing techniques does not require substantial strength and energy to be performed and, thus, can be performed on days that an individual has donated blood. The more physical yoga poses are generally what you are warned against as the amount of agility and physical movement demanded usually require constant and significant blood flow in all areas of the body.

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Which yoga poses are safe after donating blood?

It is true that you can resume most of your normal day to day activities after you donate blood; however, it is important for you to bear in mind that strenuous physical activity should be strictly avoided for a period of at least 24 to 48 hours. This is because it takes around 48 hours or so, for your body to restore the normal levels of plasma in the blood. The amount of time required to restore blood cell counts is even higher. Therefore, it is strongly advisable to avoid strenuous exercise, including yoga, for a period of 48 hours or so.

People who have attended yoga classes after donating blood have been known to pass out in the middle of the session. Therefore, it is best for you to skip your yoga class for the day. If there is a yoga session that you need to attend soon after you have donated blood, it is absolutely essential to keep your trainer informed about your condition. Some of the safer yoga poses after donating blood include the breathing techniques. However, anything else, especially inversions, headstands and shoulder stands should be strictly avoided for at least 2 days. 48 hours after the donation of blood you can resume all your normal activities, which also includes practicing the yoga poses that you normally do.

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