Benefits and Steps of Surahi Mudra

Yoga mudras are perhaps one of the most esoteric parts of yoga. Mudras are specific hand positions that are thought to channel the mystical energy that flows through the body in specific pathways. Each of the different yoga mudras has a specific purpose.

Yoga mudras can range from simple to complicated hand gestures. The Surahi Mudra is one of the simpler yoga mudras to perform.


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  1. Sit down comfortably in the Lotus Pose (Padma Asana) or any other pose that is comfortable for you.
  2. Inhale and exhale gently through the nose.
  3. Slowly bring both hands up keeping the elbows slightly bent.
  4. Touch the tip of the index finger of each hand to the tip of the little finger of the opposite hand. Your palms will face in opposite directions.

  5. Hold this posture for some time. Take breaks in between if you need them.


  • The Surahi Mudra is said to help sharpen the intellect.
  • It is also supposed to be effective against colds and respiratory ailments.
  • The benefits of the Surahi Mudra also extend to rheumatic ailments.
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