Back Mudra

Backache is one of the most common ailments affecting people, especially those over the age of 30. Most people seek temporary relief from backaches by taking over-the-counter painkillers.

However, certain exercises and yoga poses can help strengthen your back and reduce backaches. You could also try the Back Mudra in Yoga, for the same purpose.


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The steps of back mudra are very simple and you will need to use both your hands for practicing this gesture. For the back mudra, you need to –

  • Hold your palms up in front of you, with your fingers extended straight out
  • On your right hand, leave your index finger and ring finger extended and touch the tip of your thumb with the tips of your middle and little fingers.
  • At the same time place the thumb joint of your left hand on the nail of the index finger

Practice these steps about 4 to 5 times each day, for around four minutes each.


The back mudra is an excellent way to treat backaches.

It is said that the regular practice of this gesture can help relieve even the most acute pain in the back.

Some of the other Yoga poses that are also recommended in alleviating backaches include –

These poses should only be practiced under the guidance and supervision of a yoga teacher. It is also important for you to speak with a doctor before taking up any type of yoga.

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