Kundalini Mudra

People from all around the world are turning towards the ancient practice of yoga, in order to reap its numerous benefits. Various hand gestures (mudras) and poses (asanas) in Yoga can help improve different aspects of your health.

Those who are trying to awaken and activate their sexual power should practice the Kundalini Mudra.


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The Kundalini Mudra is associated with the union of a man and woman. This gesture needs to be practiced with both the hands. Given below are the steps of Kundalini Mudra -

  • Clench both your hands into loose fists in front of you
  • Then, stretch the index finger of the left hand and pass it through the right hand, which is still fisted. Pass the finger from the bottom, i.e., from the pinky towards the thumb.

  • Hold this position, where the thumb-cushion of your right hand should rest on the tip of your left index finger. The other fingers of your right hand need to cover the left index finger, like a loose glove
  • While performing this mudra, pull your hands down to the lower part of your abdomen
  • Practice this mudra for 15 minutes, 3 times a day


Yogis claim that Kundalini Mudra -

  • Awakens sexual force
  • Leads the way to the fountain of sexual energy
  • Stimulates regeneration and creativity

There are other yoga poses that are also good for improving sexuality. These poses include –

However, before practicing any yoga pose, it is advisable to consult a doctor. However the Kundalini Mudra has no known side effects.

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