Tips to find a Good Reiki Teacher?

Reiki is a Japanese technique that works on the principle of ‘unseen life force energy’ that flows through us. This life force is channeled only by someone who has been attuned to it.

Since learning Reiki is not dependent on spiritual development or one’s intellectual capacity, anyone can be attuned.


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In order to learn to practice Reiki, it would be helpful to keep the following in mind before you embark on your Reiki learning experience:

  • Energy compatibility – it is important to be at ease and absolutely comfortable with your Reiki teacher for the channeling and sharing of energy. So talk to a few Reiki teachers, and choose the one you feel most spiritually drawn to.
  • Experience – ask your prospective Reiki teacher about their practicing experience. Anyone can become a Reiki master in a short period, but if they haven’t practiced for a while, they are not very likely to have built enough awareness, understanding and hands on experience that is required to be a Reiki instructor.
  • Philosophies – ask your teacher about his philosophies of Reiki. A thing to remember is to choose someone who respects everyone’s ways but will give you a balanced approach that will build a solid foundation for your learning journey.
  • Future plans – your investment in learning Reiki will depend on what the purpose of learning it is. If you wish to start your own Reiki formal practice, then it would be advisable to look for a comprehensive and high-quality class that will be able to give you a certification, information, and the tools needed for you to begin and sustain your practice.

  • Class material and length- check for learning manuals or materials before you register. Some classes provide material with registration, while at others you may have to pay an additional charge for it. Make sure you know what you are getting before making an investment. Individual class length is best in full-day classes.
  • Hands-on practice and follow-up support – it is highly recommended that you choose a class that will provide you with a full hands-on experience in practicing Reiki. Ask about post-learning support; your teacher should be able to support and guide you freely even after you have finished your course.
  • Licensing approvals and credentials – check if the organization that teaches Reiki has the necessary approvals to provide you with your credit hours. Ensure that they specify their credentials, should give you clear information about the fees, cancellation policies, what you need to do to prepare, class timings and location.
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