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(July 1, 2010)

What to bring to yoga class?

What To Bring To Yoga Class
There are a lot of fitness classes, but yoga seems to be the most popular and the most appealing of them all. This is because there is not much that is needed to be done in order to prepare for yoga, and moreover it is also considered to be a safe exercise regime. Yoga does not require a number of items to be bought or prepared in advance. But there are simple basic things which are a must for any student wanting to practice yoga. To begin with, you may be confused regarding the type of clothing, the equipment and the extras needed for a yoga class. Some yoga studios give specific instructions to their students whereas some are flexible enough. So below is a basic list of items that can help you to stay prepared in advance:-

Comfortable loose clothing: Comfortable loose clothing doesn’t mean that you must turn up in loose, giant fitting clothes. You need to wear comfortable clothes which fit you and loose enough to permit some room while exercising. The whole purpose of yoga is relaxation; hence it is important to make sure that you wear clothes that can help you achieve that.

A yoga mat:    A yoga mat is an inexpensive item. You can easily find one within your budget. Before buying a mat you need to make sure whether your instructor will provide for one. While making use of a mat, make sure you cover it with a nice big beach towel. Yoga might make you sweat and this can make your mat sticky or smelly. Investing in a yoga mat is quite beneficial if you find sharing a common yoga mat a bit annoying or unhygienic.

Towel: carry a clean towel which will help you wipe your face in between exercises. Also a towel is a must for placing it on the yoga mat; you will need to find out if a towel will be provided to you or if you need to get one from home.
Once you have got the basic requirements, you need to check with your instructor if they expect you to go to the class on an empty stomach. Most yoga instructors recommend eating two hours before attending a class. If you have an urge to eat then you can consume a protein shake or a fruit salad. A small meal is not likely to make you too full and may help you remain active throughout the class. If you have your class in the morning, then have a full glass of water and have your breakfast after you are done with your class.

You should discuss your injuries and special health conditions before the class with your instructor.  This will help your teacher to make suggestions for your practice and this will help them make your experience more enjoyable.

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