Power Yoga: A Great Option For Weight Loss, Fat Burning Potential And Healthy Heart

By Patricia | December 18, 2008
Power Yoga To Burn Fat

Power yoga is a term used in the west for fitness based approach vigorous Vinyasa style of yoga. Most of the power yoga is similar to that of Ashtanga style of yoga practice. The term power yoga has come in use for less than 2 decades ago when it was given a more western touch. However like Ashtanga yoga, power yoga does not follow a set series of poses, but a common thing which both the styles of yoga share is the emphasis on building strength and flexibility. Power yoga can be a great option for weight loss as it offers all the fat burning potentials and heart benefits that an aerobic workout can. This is because power yoga combines both that is meditative breathing along with more active and faster movements that can help you to burn more calories than the traditional yoga style.

But is power yoga suited for you? Power yoga is suited for you if you are physically fit, enjoy exercising and also seek a minimal amount of meditation and chanting along with yoga. A power yoga session can vary widely from one teacher to another. Thus if you plan to include power yoga as a part of your weight loss plan in your life than before starting any session please tell your yoga teacher about your health problem. This little piece of information will help him/her to assign you power yoga exercises accordingly. Also before joining any class consult your specialist to get his confirmation as he knows your case the best and the condition of your back. Many yoga poses are used to treat lower back problems and other back pains. If these poses are carried out correctly they in fact help in the treatment of a back problem. If the back pain is nominal then you may try power yoga. If any form of exercise including yoga increases your back pain then discontinue the act immediately. If you find relief in pain with yoga exercises then you may continue to follow them.

Weight loss however should not only be with the help of power yoga or any other gym or aerobic exercises. Your daily diet also plays a very important role in managing your weight and makes you fit and healthy. Thus along with exercise also focus to eat a well balanced healthy diet with a variety of whole foods, fruits and vegetables and minimum amount of sweets and fats.

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