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(September 12, 2010)

Hey i'm 17 years old, but i'll be turning 18 this year in November. I was just wondering if i can still increase my height even though i'm 5'4ish and my parents a below 5'6.

For a long time people have been using yoga techniques to improve their well-being as well as their body. When practicing yoga, your whole body, especially the spine, stretches, giving the body the strength and balance needed for growth. This also forms the basis for the relationship between yoga and height growth. There is definitely a link between the practice of poses in yoga and a height increase. Yoga can even help in cases where the issue with height is hereditary. It helps in increasing the metabolic rate of the body and facilitates increased quantities of the fluid in the pituitary gland which controls growth. The different forms of yoga and asanas enable height to be increased by the different poses that require stretching.
The Wheel pose is considered an effective pose in yoga and promotes a height increase as the trunk of the body is stretched in doing this pose. Practicing this pose helps the body to be elongated from the stomach. Tadasana or the Mountain pose is also one of the recommended yoga poses for height gain. This exercise involves standing in an upright position on the floor by holding the muscles of the back and shoulder upright. The Shoulder stand pose helps in stimulating the spinal fluid which is essential for the growth of bones. Apart from helping with the increase of height, these exercises also provide exercise to the spine and back region. By regular practice of the forms of yoga and asanas, height can be increased by a few inches.
You can also include Pranayama exercises in your daily routine as they are beneficial for general growth of the body. The secret or rather method of yoga is that your practice is directed towards your general well being and health. Make sure that you don’t focus on a single aspect and simply practice yoga and a height increase will also follow. Practicing these exercises help in rejuvenating the body and enabling proper growth and improved metabolism. The practice of Pilates enables height gain very effectively. The Pilates exercise Scrapular isolations is very useful in correcting slumping and rounded shoulders. To perform this exercise you should be in a sitting position with your arms stretched forward. Then let your shoulder blades alternately slide together and spread apart. Another effective Pilates exercise, the Hundred, is useful in the strengthening of the abdomen.
You could also try other forms of exercise to increase your height. Swimming is a very effective method for height gain. Swinging from a rod and allowing the body to stretch towards the ground is also considered effective in increasing height. By practicing yoga and these exercises, height can be increased giving you satisfactory results provided your expectations are realistic. However, you should make sure that the yoga exercises are done on a daily basis for you to start seeing results.

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Wish you all the best with your practices.

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