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(September 12, 2010)

I'm 19 years boy. my height 5'4.. i want to increase my height please advice me some fast and effective yogas.. i am really want to increase my height...

Practicing yoga for height growth is a very useful method to follow without any side effects. There are plenty of people who wish to increase their height but are not aware of the techniques to use. There are different forms of yoga for height growth, enabling growth by the stretching that is required in the exercises. In the practice of yoga you’re body in particular the spine is stretched, hence strengthening and balancing the body, facilitating growth. Practice of yoga for height growth can be effective even when the height issues are due to heredity. Regular practice of yoga increases the metabolic rate, improving production of the fluid present in the pituitary gland which controls growth.
There are many forms of yoga for women’s growth as well as providing flexibility and stability to the body. Studies have shown a height increase of half a centimeter for women who practiced yoga twice a week. As women mostly tend to be more flexible, the forms of yoga for men’s growth can be chosen based on the comfort level. If the poses put too much strain on the body and causes discomfort the exercises must be discontinued immediately.
Tadasana or the Mountain pose is considered a very effective form of yoga for height growth. To perform this exercise you should stand in an upright position by holding the muscles of your back and shoulder and remain in the position. Practice of this pose enables growth by stimulating the spinal fluid which is necessary for bone growth. The Wheel pose is another yoga pose which is effectual in increasing your height as the trunk of your body is stretched in the performing of this exercise. Practicing these poses regularly help not only in increasing height but also in exercising the region of the back and spine.
Pranayamas are an excellent form of yoga for general human growth. These breathing exercises help to rejuvenate the body and enable improved metabolism and increased growth.  Practicing Pilates exercises such as Scrapular isolations and The Hundred are also considered very effective for the increase of height. You could also try other exercises like swimming and high jump. Swinging on a rod so that your body is stretched towards the ground is also considered very effective.
Practice of height gaining yoga for individuals not tall enough, a growth increase will be very valuable as it often happens that career choices are lost due to requirements in height. Practice of the different forms of yoga for height gain and growth are most effective when practiced on a regular basis. So if you want to see the desired results maintain a discipline of keeping aside some time everyday for the practice.

Submitted by A on September 12, 2010 at 11:29

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But you must persist with your practices. All the best!

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