Exercise to Increase Height

(August 1, 2008)

I want to increase my height. I am 5 inches tall. Can you showcase some height increasing exercises?

Height can be increased by variety of stretching exercises and yoga. Yoga exercises should be started at young age and if done so it shows considerable amount of results and keeps the body healthy. There are several records which show considerable height increase with the help of yoga and asanas.

Various height increasing remedies include practicing yoga and asanas which provide the desired stretch to the stomach and the lower limbs in order to pull the muscles and tone them to increase the height of the individual. There are special asanas like chakrasana ( Wheel Pose ) and ardh chakrasana ( Half Wheel Pose )which helps to increase the height of the individual by providing the desired stretch from the lower limbs and aid in height increase. Shirshasana ( head stand ) though doesn't help directly for height increase but helps in better circulation of the blood in the brain. This increases the metabolism which helps in overall growth of the body.

Certain crude forms of yoga like hanging from rod as well as thrust dive for swimming helps to provide an appropriate stretch to the body which helps to increase the heights of the individual. Though height increase can be obtained in the initial years of life but yoga has proven results for height increase in the individuals in adolescent as well as late teens. Hence, age is not the parameter for height increase but with higher age the time required for height increase will be more as compared to the kids and the teenagers.

Along with physical asanas of yoga, certain dietary supplements like intake of bananas in the regular diets provides calcium which help in the growth of the bones along with providing stretch to the muscles which in unison help to increase the health of the human being. Yoga is safe to practice and doesn't have any side effects on the human body. It involves various freehand exercises like swinging from the rod, swimming and diving and a few stretches in various asanas while practicing yoga.

Height of the patient generally depends on genetic material and is hereditary but though it may be the case it can be increased to some extent by following yoga asanas on regular basis. Gymnasium also helps in to increase the height of the individual and a few exercises in gymnasium works wonders for height increase.

Submitted by R J on August 1, 2008 at 08:17

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