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(June 30, 2010)

What types of yoga is right for me?

If you are wondering ‘what type of yoga is right for me?’ there’s no one right answer to the question. Though it is important to know about the discipline that you are going to be practicing, it is also important to make an informed choice before you begin the practice. There are a variety of yoga styles from which you could adopt one that is best for you. However, not every style is suitable for beginners. There are different styles for different people. Depending on your level of fitness, constitution, and your objectives, you will be able to pick out a yoga style which is best for you.
Most of the beginners pick up hatha yoga because this style of yoga has the largest repository of movements. It is hatha yoga on which almost all newer yoga styles are based. Hatha yoga poses are simple and get your body attuned to the practice of yoga. Hatha yoga can help your body develop flexibility, experience, and the strength necessary for dealing with a yoga workout.
Adding the vinyasa style to hatha yoga can also help you convert your regular yoga session into a cardio vascular workout. Vinyasa yoga is simply the act of moving from one pose to another with changes in the breathing pattern. In this style, you finish one movement and move to the next with a deep inhalation or exhalation. The movements are slow and easy, depending on which level of proficiency you are at.
Vinyasa yoga has branched out of Ashtanga yoga. Though not very challenging, Ashtanga yoga bends more towards the spiritual side of yoga practice. You can consider Ashtanga yoga when you have already made some headway into the yoga practice. When your body is slightly more flexible and a little more used to the movements of yoga, you can begin practicing the principles of Ashtanga yoga from which all other yoga styles have emerged.
If you are planning to lose weight, you can try out Power Yoga or Bikram’s Hot Yoga. Both of these disciplines are based on the principles of hatha yoga. While in power yoga, you perform the yoga poses with great speed and effort. In Bikram’s hot yoga, the poses are performed in a room which has been heated to 105 °F. The high temperature makes you sweat a lot, losing calories and expelling toxins from the body.
You can read more about each of the yoga styles and decide what is best for you considering your age, fitness levels, and your fitness objectives.

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