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(June 19, 2008)

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Yoga for weight loss 

Yoga is an excellent work out to develop flat abdomen. Most of the movements in yoga asanas are simple in nature and amazingly successful in flattening the abdomen and getting rid of superfluous weight. However, it is imperative to understand the difference between fat cells and muscle tissues.  It is not possible for fat to turn into muscle tissue overnight nor does muscle turn into fat. Hence in order to have a flat abdomen and a great stamina, it is necessary to perform yoga every day especially with a combination of power exercise and a healthy diet.

Surya Namaskar is an excellent all body movement or asana that must be performed daily at least seven times in the morning on an empty stomach.  It helps to tone the body muscles in addition to exercising the abdominal muscles and improving flexibility by boosting the stamina.  In addition to Surya Namaskar, here is a simple asana that can help you to get rid of fat and give you a flat stomach.

Stand erect and spread apart your feet at least a foot from each other.  Try bending forward, while touching your toes with the fingertips, but keeping the knees straight without bending them.  It may be slightly difficult to practice this exercise in the first few attempts.  But as you gain flexibility and keep practicing the exercise over and over again you'll be amazed to notice that this simple exercise can do wonders to your abdomen. Do practice this exercise every day in the morning on an empty stomach for at least 10 minutes daily. A perfect combination of the simple exercise along with Surya Namaskar can do wonders for the body overall. However you have to keep in mind that along with exercise, a perfect diet replete with fresh fruits and vegetables and healthy eating can also contribute overall to good health and well-being.  The diet and exercise go hand-in-hand in contributing to a well toned body.  Keep in mind that exercise alone will not help to get rid of the fat in the stomach if you have not altered your eating habits.

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