Yoga Poses For PCOS OR PCOD

(February 20, 2009)

Is any yogasanas to get rid from PCOD problem in ladies? Please guide me

What is PCOS / PCOD?

All women have a pair of ovaries that have many follicles within them. Each month, one of them develops and matures to deliver an egg (ovum). This is the process of ovulation that is affected by hormones in her body. As a result of certain hormonal imbalances, in some cases, these follicles might just fail to release the ovum. As a result, the ovary gets filled up with immature follicles, called cysts. So Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD) literally means an excess of cysts. This disease is characterized by numerous little cysts within the ovaries. PCOD is sometimes also called PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome). This is because the signs and symptoms are so closely interconnected and linked to each other.

Causes of PCOS / PCOD

Even though, no definite cause has been acknowledged as being responsible for PCOD to date, studies show that it has a major hereditary constituent, as it often runs in the family. It has been found that Obesity also aggravates PCOD / PCOS. In fact, around 50% of women suffering from PCOD / PCOS are said to be obese. Obesity, it is found, does enhance production of abnormal levels of estrogen and androgen in PCOD / PCOS and that further intensifies the problems of excessive hair-growth and irregular bleeding.

Yoga for PCOD

Research has proven that Yoga is very helpful in dealing with PCOD / PCOS. This is because Yoga is, first and foremost a discipline and this is what you need most to get your system back in shape. Besides, the exercise routines that Yoga prescribes help tone up the whole body, while also dealing specifically with the affected parts. Specific Yoga asanas (poses) such as the standing, sitting and supine postures are known to help PCOD / PCOS sufferers immensely. The overall Yoga package for PCOD / PCOS would be:

  1. A set of asanas (Yoga postures). It has been found that the standing, sitting and supine poses, if done regularly; over a period of time produce desired results. But keep in mind that you should specifically avoid inversions. Though, to answer your question, no specific poses can help cure a person of PCOD / PCOS.

  2. Pranayamas (Breathing Exercises). Practice lots of measured leisurely breathing. You either breathe at your own natural pace or adopt a rhythm of 3 – 4 counts inhalation and an equal count for exhalations. But you must remember to do this very slowly. The pranayamas (breathing exercises) that will help you are Mild Kapalabhatti (Skull Cleansing), Anuloma-Viloma (Alternate Nostril Breathing) and Ujjayi (Ocean Breath).

  3. havasana (Corpse pose) practised several times daily is known to help because PCOD / PCOS sufferers are known to be tense and stressed out and require lots of relaxation. Even the practice of Nispanda Bhava (Unmoving Observation) is known to help a lot.

  4. Have a Yogic and Sattvic diet. Sattvic means a pure and predominantly vegetarian diet. Have plenty of fresh, seasonal fruits, salads, sprouts and dried fruits. Avoid all confectionery products, milk and milk products, particularly cheese and butter, fried, fatty and fatty foods, alcohol in any form, and cigarettes

Likewise, avoid stress and tension. Besides relaxing in Shavasana (Corpse Pose and Nispanda Bhava (Unmoving Observation) you should make it a point to avoid all stressful situations. This may sometimes entail difficult choices such as having to give up a job to get away from the stress, if only for a awhile. 
Above all, whatever practices you adopt should be in consultation with a good doctor and Yoga instructor, especially if you are taking up Yoga for the first time.

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