Height increase with yoga

(September 14, 2010)

How to increase height through yoga.

Increasing height through yoga is possible with the practice of different postures and asanas that are available. If you want to increase your height through natural means, the practice of yoga should be incorporated into your exercise program. Yoga benefits by improving the body’s posture and strengthening the bones. Yoga can even help in cases where the problem is heredity. It helps in increasing the metabolic rate of the body and enables greater production of the hormones in the pituitary gland which help in growth. Increasing height through yoga stretching exercises helps by stretching the whole body and providing it with the strength and balance which is essential for growth. You should keep in mind that although possible to increase your height through yoga this is only possible within natural limits.
Trikonasana (the triangle) is an effective posture to increase height through yoga. It helps in improving balance and therefore brings about good posture. It is also a good exercise which helps in releasing tension. The dog and cat exercises are also very effective as they help the spine to extend in both directions. This extension helps in stretching each cartilage in the spine. To perform this exercise you must first position yourself on your hands and knees. Your hands should be a little in front of your shoulders and your knees in line with your hip. With your head up, breathe in, and bend your pelvis up so that the spine is curved and your stomach comes towards the floor. You should complete the exercise with your stomach and chest up and your pelvis down.
Practice of Pranayama (Breath exercises) is also an effective way to increase height naturally through yoga. Performing these exercises helps in rejuvenating the body and increasing the metabolic rate which helps in growth. This exercise also helps in bringing relief from pain in different parts of the body. The yoga exercise Chakrasana (Wheel pose) helps in stretching the body’s trunk region and elongates the body from the stomach. Increasing height through these yoga poses help to strengthen the back bones enabling the body to grow in a unified manner. Weight reduction through yoga helps in toning the body perfectly making it appear tall.
Increasing height through yoga is not a very difficult task. However, you should not expect any immediate results. You must practice the different yoga exercises in a disciplined manner ensuring that the exercises are practiced regularly. With the help of a qualified instructor and following a proper diet you will be able bring about the desired results.

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Height increase with yoga 

Increase in height is essential for better self esteem. Increase in height is not confined only in males. It has become a beauty statement for women also. Height lower than the normal may lead to cut off from group and depression. Exercises and yoga are available that can enhance the height. During childhood, height increases drastically and then later it slows down as the person reaches puberty and stops on reaching adulthood. However there is room for increase in height till 20 years of age. Simple yoga postures if done regularly can help in strengthening the bones and increasing the height.

Certain postures that can be useful for increasing height are:-

  • Leg Stretch: Stretching of legs is beneficial for height increase. Lie down on your back with back and legs straight. Stretch both the legs as well as possible. Keep both the hands on both the sides of the body. Slowly raise the right leg and remain in that position for few seconds. Repeat this with the other leg. Repeat this exercise alternatively for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Bridge pose: Lie on your back straight on the ground. Fold your knees with heels on the ground. Keep your hands on either side of the hips. Slowly raise your hips and the lower back till it reaches the height of the knees. Slowly inhale and remain for few seconds. Exhale and slowly bring down the hips on the ground.

Apart from yoga, intake of protein and calcium rich foods can be beneficial for height increase.

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