Quad Strengthening Exercises

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on July 31, 2012

Quad Strengthening Exercises For Thigh Muscles

Quad exercises are done to increase the strengthening of the front thigh muscles, which are known as the quads. There are various quad exercises that are considered beneficial for improving one's performance in vertical jumps.


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Squats are considered as one of the best quad exercises which can enhance vertical jump performance. This exercise helps in improving the overall strength of the leg.

Squats Exercise

You can do squats with or without weights.

At the beginning of the exercise you need to stand and make sure that your back is erect, and then gradually you need to bend your knees. You should continue bending the knees until your thighs are parallel to the ground. After this you need to return to the standing position. You must keep your back erect throughout the exercise and you also need to look straight ahead all the time.

The Mala Asana, or the Garland Pose, is a yoga variation of the squat. This is a deep squat that not only helps to strengthen your thigh and core muscles, but also opens the hips. In this variation of the squat, instead of stopping when your thighs are parallel to the ground, you continue the downward motion until you are seated completely on your haunches.

If squats are not properly performed, they can lead to injuries, especially when they are done with weights. This is largely due to a lack of knowledge and guidance. Before starting the squat, you should consult your gym instructor for advice and instructions so that injuries do not occur because of careless mistakes.

Leg Exercises

Step ups also accentuate vertical jump performance through the help of quad exercises. This exercise aids in the proper development of the quad muscles. To perform this exercise you need a chair or stool. One leg should be placed at the foot of the chair or on the stool and the other leg should touch the ground firmly. The leg on the chair / stool should be used for stepping up, so that the entire body weight falls on that particular leg. The same step should be repeated with the other leg. You can also use weights for this exercise. Keep in mind that when stepping up, the thigh which is placed on the chair should not be any higher than parallel to the ground.

Toe raises are also a pivotal exercise for vertical jumps as they help in building strength in the calf muscles. The strength of a calf muscle plays a crucial role in your vertical jump performance. You perform this exercise with the helps of weights as well. Toe raise machines are available in the gym, with the aid of which this exercise can be practiced. If you intend to practice this exercise at home then you need to place yourself on the edge of a thick wooden box of stairs. Place both your heels on the edge of the stairs and then slowly raise the weight of your entire body on your toes. Then return to the original position and repeat.

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