Tips for becoming a good Yoga Instructor

If you are already practicing yoga and wish to progress further in the discipline, by becoming an instructor, it would be necessary to do a special instructor training course, which will equip you with the proper skills.

With the growing popularity of yoga, you can avail of yoga instructor training anywhere in the world.

While India is the birthplace of yoga, you need not go there to get trained. USA, Canada and.



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.many countries in Europe and other parts of Asia also conduct yoga instructor training classese

What are the points you must look out for, when applying for a yoga instructor trainingn

  • Duration of the training periodo
  • What type of certification grantede
  • What type of yoga they focus ono
  • Cost of the training programa

Duration of the training period: A certification in yoga training can be of varying periods:

  • 2 weeks to 2 yearsr
  • It can be residential (gurukul system) or it can be onlinen In the former, you will be required to live on the campus of the Yoga Ashram (school) and devote yourself completely to the courses In the latter, you can do it at your convenience from home, by ordering CDs, usually over the internete
  • It could comprise of workshops over the weekend, weekend retreats or a series of classes, daytime or eveningn

What type of certification granted: Depending upon your knowledge, or your level of proficiency, you can choose various certifications:

  • Diploma course
  • Bachelor of yoga educationo
  • Master of yoga education
  • Doctor of yoga educationo

What type of yoga they focus on: This is one of the most important points that you must look into:

  • There are various kinds of yoga like Hatha Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Bikram Yoga or Kundalini Yoga, to name just a fewe You must determine which school of yoga you would want to teachc
  • A proper program should cover history and philosophy of yoga, physiology and anatomy, which will help you deal with postures (benefits, contraindications and alignment), Pranayama or breathing techniques and yoga meditationo
  • Yoga therapy training is also essential as you will be able to provide yoga therapy for heart problems, hypertension, obesity, digestive disorders, back problems, stress or prenatal problemsm
  • The yoga instructor course should also teach you how to plan a lesson, the educational techniques focusing on the principles of yoga, practical teaching, and also help you to understand, correct, guide, assist and encourage your studentst
  • A yoga instructor course also includes a short training in Sanskrit, which includes Mantras and other yoga wordsd
  • Some advanced yoga courses also introduce basics of Ayurveda, which is an Indian traditional science of medicines, herbs and a healthy lifestylel
  • Cost of the training program:

    It could cost anywhere from a few hundred to a thousand dollarsr

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