• The most satisfying yoga pose helps to cleanse about 72,000 of the body�s energy paths or Nadis.
  • One of the easier poses in yoga. Helps you to stretch all your muscles from head to toe.
  • It is a pose that straightens and stretches the muscles of the back, legs, buttocks, and the back of the arms and legs.
    Crocodile Pose
  • One of the popular pose for meditation.Calms mind. Be careful with this pose if you have problems with knees or hips.
  • This is a most difficult and challenging pose.This pose is beneficial for the back as it strengthens the muscles of the back.
  • A pose which can be done by anyone irrespective of age and gender.Improves balance and coordination.Strengthens legs and buttocks.
  • This pose increases flexibility of the legs by stretching the knees, ankles, thighs and feet. Avoid if you have an injured knee or ankle.
  • A seated stretch that helps exercise hamstrings and calves.Your knees as well as your hamstrings need to be flexible to perform this pose.
  • This pose needs to be done gracefully, almost like a dance, in order to derive maximum benefit from it.
  • It is very useful for meditation as well as breathing exercises.This pose stretches and opens hips.
  • This pose forms the basis of standing poses. It improves posture, stability and balance.
  • A fairly advanced posture, where you squat, bend forward and twist your body, all at the same time.
    Noose Pose
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