Music for Yoga and Zen Meditation

For thousands of years, kings, nobility, clergy, and wizards, witches and magicians have kept meditation away from the bulk of the people.

These were the meditations and mantras, which people in power used to make for themselves the world they wanted. These are Yoga meditation, meditation music, Zen meditation, etc, which gave, people the power over others who were "in the dark."


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People who meditated had the ability to reform, redesign and reprogram their cellular matrices. Everyone else, on the other hand, was stuck in his or her thinking. This made them predictable and easy to control.

The most potent meditations for showing up and forming one’s destiny were only talked of in hushed whispers and under soft candlelight. Unfortunately, the most potent mantras would promptly get labeled as witchcraft, magic and incantations and "The Church" would not tell the truth but mislead the illiterate masses to justify public burnings (Inquisitions), hangings, and beheadings.

Through Yoga meditation, meditation music, Zen meditation you can change all that – your life (overnight while you sleep), deprogram all negative thoughts, which rush through your dreams. All with the aid of the opposite, positive mantras; you will feel a powerful change the very next day. The point of the matter is not to be afraid and start practising right away. Once you’ve started, do so, on a regular basis.

Then don’t give up. Don’t worry about “The Church” or any other religious authorities. They will always find some excuse or the other, of forbidding your practices. Just tune in, listen to the voice of your heart and keep on practising. The results are bound to follow, sooner than later.

Remember, practice makes perfect. So also with Yoga meditation, meditation music, Zen meditation. Use them to calm your mind, take you into the deeper recesses of your heart and soul.

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