What to Look for In Foot Massagers

There was a time when foot massages were only thought of as a form of luxury, a pampering for those who could afford to be pampered.

Today, foot massages are becoming more and more common, especially with foot massagers that take the place of massage therapists offering you the luxury of a massage anytime within the comforts of your own home.


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The interesting fact about foot massages is that they are not only relaxing but also beneficial for your mental wellbeing. Recent research suggests that foot massages actually help reduce the pain and discomfort such as nausea associated with cancer treatment. It is also found to be effective in relieving the anxiety in post-operative heart patients.

There are numerous different kinds of foot massagers available in the market today, and in this article, we will discuss some of the things that you need to look for in foot massagers.

Areas of Massage

Different massagers massage different areas of the foot. Basic massagers massage only the base of the foot, while more advanced models will massage the heel, ankle as well as the calf muscles, thus giving a more complete massage.


Massagers come with different settings; some come with heat settings and some with settings on the massager that allows you to change the speed of the massage simply by a press of a button with your foot. You won’t even have to bend to operate the settings. Depending on your needs, you can get portable ones and ones with infrared heating technology.

Wet and Dry Massagers

Foot massagers that are akin to mini spas with a wide range of functionality are also available in the market today. These come complete with water pressure, heat settings, and different levels that you can set it to. These massagers are the ultimate form of foot relaxation. Combined with a Shiatsu foot massage, which incorporates pressure points to help the foot as well as the body relax, these make some of the best massage options for the foot.

There are so many foot massagers out there with varying functionality and in price ranges to suit every customer. Some of the top brands include Dr. Scholl’s, HoMedics, and Human Touch. So, take into consideration what your needs are, whether you looking for something that will help you relax or benefit you far more, how much will you be using your foot massager and how much you are willing to spend, and then choose the right foot massager for you.

Compare Foot Massagers
Compare Foot Massagers
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