How is jalneeti helpful as a mode of treatment in yoga?

(July 6, 2012)

JalNeti or nasal cleansing with water is an ancient yogic technique that helps to clear out the nasal passages and is considered very effective in the management of respiratory and nasal ailments, allergies, and sinusitis. The only equipment that you need to perform JalNeti is a Neti Pot. There are many different kinds of Neti Pots available ranging from traditional ones made from ceramic or glass to modern ones made from plastic and fitted with a positive pressure apparatus.

A saline solution made from lukewarm distilled water is filled into the Neti Pot. Then contents of the pot are slowly poured into one nostril. Keep your head tilted to one side so that the water can flow out of the other nostril through gravity. Breathe through your open mouth. This is the most popular method of performing JalNeti. There are also other variations of this technique that should only be performed by advanced practitioners. If you haven’t tried JalNeti before, it is a good idea to ask your Yoga teacher to show you how to do it properly first.

It is important to ensure that you use only pure distilled or boiled water for JalNeti. Using contaminated water in the Neti Pot has led to fatalities in the past due to the introduction of harful microorganisms into the brain.

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