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(August 17, 2008)

How to stop hair turning white?


Graying of hair can be depressing and it occurs as the person ages. Thus it is one of the familiar signs of aging. Graying of hair occurs due to decrease in the melanin production in the hair bulb. Melanocytes are the cell that produces melanin, a pigment which is responsible for providing color to the hair. With age the melanocytes get reduced decreasing the melanin production. Hereditary is the factor leading to graying of hair. Apart from this, stress, worry, malnutrition, excessive intake of fried and fatty foods and spices, taking least care of the hair can lead to graying and premature graying of hair.


A proper nutritious diet with all the nutrients in correct amount is essential for reducing the graying of hair. Eat protein rich foods like egg, soybean, meat and sprouted pulses. Even foods that are rich in Vitamin A and B and minerals like zinc, copper, iron and iodine can be beneficial.


Intake of little curry leaves every day, application of coconut oil and lemon juice on the scalp and hair can be useful in reducing grey hair. Have a teaspoon of grated fresh ginger mixed with honey everyday. Fry Indian gooseberry pieces in coconut oil for few minutes till it turn black. Apply this oil in the hair and scalp. This can be effective to prevent graying of hair. A gentle massage of the scalp and hair with butter made from cow's milk is recommended.


Certain yoga postures that can be helpful to reduce gray hair are:


Kapalbhati (Frontal lobe cleansing technique): Frontal lobe cleansing technique is a type of breathing exercise that can be used for curing all the ailments. Exhale and contract the abdominal muscle with each exhalation. Do not inhale consciously. Practice frontal brain purification technique for 5 minutes. This practice can be increased up to 10 minutes.


Sirsasana (Head stand pose): Head stand pose can increase the blood flow to the brain and is also essential for concentration. It is a pose where the head is completely inverted. It is held upright with the support of the forearms and the head rests lightly on the ground.


A general massage of the scalp can be done in circular motion preferably with the application of oil. This can be useful as it improves the blood circulation. Regular self care measures like regular oiling, shampooing, avoidance of stress and worry and having a good sleep can be helpful to reduce gray hair.


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