Yoga for Fat Reduction

(November 9, 2010)

How to reduce fat from arms and thighs through yoga?

Because of the fact that obesity is a growing concern all over the world, there are an increasing number of popular methods when it comes to fat reduction. It is important, however, to be wary of the dangers of the condition. While the most obvious negative of obesity is the way it affects the aesthetic appeal of the individual, the more pressing and serious concerns are centered around the fact that it increases the risk of a number of other medical ailments such as heart failure and respiratory tract infections. Although there are a few individuals that can blame the cause of obesity on hereditary and genetics, the majority of affected individuals will actually need to take a look at their lifestyles in order to diagnose the primary problems. There are two main contributing factors to the development of body weight – an unhealthy diet and a lack of adequate exercise. Most of us lead very hectic lifestyles – causing us to rely heavily on the convenience of fast foods that are crammed with empty calories that only serve to increase our weight. It is important to ensure that you eat proper and nutritious meals at all times in order to provide your body with the required minerals, vitamins and nutrients or proper performance of the body.
Despite the fact that yoga has been around for centuries, only recently has it developed a reputation for being very effective when dealing with a number of medical ailments. Yoga is considered to be a discipline that will help you achieve all round good health and yoga for fat reduction is becoming an increasingly popular route. There are a number of breathing exercises that are considered to be very effective techniques in practicing yoga for fat reduction such as the kunjal kriya – which is a stomach wash and lung cleansing technique, as well as the laghu shankha prakshalan – which is the digesive system cleanising technique. These yoga for fat reduction techniques are centered around the desire to lose weight effectively as well as with a view to maintaining the pose in the long run. There are also a number of pilates for fat reduction techniques that are highly recommended by a number of dieticians and weight loss experts. Meditation for fat reduction is an often overlooked concept when it comes to achieving weightloss – but can strike a healthy balance between the body and mind.

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The benefits of yoga are not just limited to the mind and the soul. Yoga benefits the body to a great extent as well. Yoga exercises have helped people lose excess fat and achieve a healthy body. There are various exercises which you can do at home that will help you lose fat from arms and thighs.

Yoga exercises for fat removal from arms and thighs:

Arms and thighs have a tendency to accumulate fat at a very quick pace. It is extremely important to get rid of it in order to avoid future health problems. Some of the exercises that help in fighting fat located in the arms and thighs are listed below:-

  • Utkatasana - It's more commonly known as the "Fierce posture". Raise your hands above your head at a 90 degree angle with feet together. Lower the upper portion of the body by bending your knees half way. Hold this position for three seconds and rise up. Repeat the procedure four more times. Conduct this exercise at least once a day. Utkatasana is known to be extremely instrumental in removing fat from the arms and the thighs.

  • Setu Bandhasana - It is also known as 'Bridge Pose'. The technique not only reduces fat from the thighs, but also develops the muscles. Lie down on the floor with your knees completely bent and hands on the side. Raise your chest and hips by pressing down your legs and hands. Hold this position for three seconds and rest. Repeat this exercise four times. Follow this exercise on a daily basis and you will notice a remarkable reduced fat in the thighs.

  • Kumbhaka - The 'Plank Posture' is also known as Kumbhaka which is known to reduce excess fat stored in the arms. Apart from removing fat, the technique also develops muscles. Lie face down on the floor with your arms at the shoulder level. Raise your entire body with the help of the hands and toes. Hold this position for three seconds and rest. This exercise is quite similar to the push-up exercise which can be done on a daily basis.

Before starting any kind of yoga exercise, it is highly recommended to do Pranayama which is deep breathing. It is also advisable to do yoga exercises on a daily basis in order to achieve quick results. Buy a yoga stick mat which will help you perform yoga techniques with much ease.

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