Hello, Is there a yoga pose that may help a woman who has suffered sexual abuse as a child to open up? There is also chronic hip and low back pain as well as low level depression. Thank you.

(May 25, 2012)

If one has been sexually abused as a child, the effects can last a lifetime. It is natural for the woman concerned to carry around with her an almost unbearable burden of shame, guilt, anger, and confusion. This in turn can affect her personal and social relationships and lead to stress, anxiety and depression. Yoga and meditation can definitely help this woman if she practices daily and under the supervision of an experienced teacher. Yoga has both physical and psychological benefits and different asanas or poses when performed correctly can help instill feelings of calm, peace, and empowerment. However, there is no single yoga pose that can do this. It will take a serious commitment to practicing yoga to really maximize its benefits.

With regards to chronic back and hip pain, yoga helps by stretching and strengthening the muscles. The best poses to help decrease back pain and open up the hip muscles include the standing poses such as Mountain Pose, Triangle Pose, and Extended Side Angle Pose. A pose such as the Standing Forward Bend can also help in the alignment of the spine and release any lower back pain.

For people with mild to moderate depression, yoga and exercise combined with psychotherapy and a healthy balanced diet can help reduce symptoms.

Yoga therapists suggest deep breathing and meditation along with restorative poses such as Supported Savasana, Bridge Pose, Camel Pose and Full Backbends. Sun Salutations may also help calm a nervous mind and reduce anxiety

Submitted by A V on May 25, 2012 at 06:30

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